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Why isn't the edit-system more open? [duplicate]

The edit system, on the whole, seems a little bit clunky. Does anyone else agree? It's not that people aren't editing, and good edits aren't rewarded. It's just that overall I get the sense that we ...
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What causes you to abandon an edit?

I'm working on that last queue that we'll be adding to /review as part of the quality project, and it's arguably the most interesting piece of the puzzle. It's a queue where folks that are ...
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Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions

Lots of people are talking about this, so time to throw my hat in the ring. Note that this is just my idea and hasn't really been vetted by other Stack Exchange employees (probably some of them will ...
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UX research time! May 2019 and the reputation system

👋Hello! This is our second installment of UX research updates for Meta. You can check out the first installment here. This month, I’ll talk about findings from user research we did last year about ...
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Removing reputation for rejected edits

Bad edits are a perennial topic here. I bring them up myself fairly frequently because the problem seems to be getting worse. I feel that our reputation model is partially to blame: at the +2 rep per ...
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Is it discouraged if I am gaining lots of reputation from editing questions?

I don't answer questions much because I don't have a firm grasp on the popular tools in programming used today. So I gain reputation mostly through editing questions on SO. For example, I turn HTML, ...
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Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2

What follows is a two-phase (pre-access & post-access) "battle" plan to defend SO from future "robo-reviewers", Phase one (pre-access) Only allow users to access the suggested edits queue if, &...
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Require X approved suggested edits before gaining Edit privilege

Prompted by this meta question, I've read up on the Edit privilege (from here on referred to as sudo edit). I understand this is a privilege that is earned by gaining 2,000 reputation on the site. ...
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Should I approve suggested edits that only add a language to a code block?

I came across an edit that only added a language to the code block, i.e. ``` > ```java After looking around, I found this answer which suggests yes, always, as long as it's the only thing that ...
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(When) should we replace bare URLs with an embedded link and text?

*** (Forewarning: all the links in this post are just fake examples with legit markdown. No need to click any of them. But you can mouse over them to see the example link, if you wish.) I see lots ...
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Reputation system 2.0

Preamble On Stack Overflow reputation is used as a very rough measurement of how much the site trusts you. Reputation is useful and needed to some extent (or do you want every anonymous user running ...
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Mass updating of tag wikis with content copied [duplicate]

A certain user has been making edits to tag wikis all over. Not surprising enough, the suggested changes: are copied 1 verbatim 2 from 3 wikipedia 4 with or without attribution, and do not follow ...
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More reputations for question and answer edits

I think you'd agree that to keep the high-standard this site has, editors, are also a part who are significant contributors. Editing is hard, usually for non-Native English speakers like me, though I ...
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Ways to improve review queues (both for reviewers and in quality of reviews)

In the time since I've gained access to the review queues, I've noticed that all the queues (other than the close votes queue) seem to get emptied out frequently, leaving me with nothing to review. I'...
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Is editing instead of flagging/closing an issue we need to handle?

When going through the edit queue, I rather often find questions/answers that have serious problems and should rather be closed/deleted. Yet people edit those to make them look better (mostly ...
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