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User answering the question after it is closed [duplicate]

I recently closed a question at 11:13:15Z and user answered at 11:14:40Z How did he do that?
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Is there a problem with the grace period for answering closed questions? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago, I stumbled on this question. It was initially a homework question with no attempt at solving the problem shown, and was rightfully closed a few minutes later. (The questioner ...
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Is there latency when landing a blow with the mighty Mjölnir? [duplicate]

I've had this happen to me before, but wrote it off due to a timing issue. But I think I'm seeing it more often. Take a look at this question. It had been closed with someone that has a gold tag in ...
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Can you answer a question which is on hold? [duplicate]

I just noticed that an answer is posted after the question is put on hold. Am wondering how does that even work? Obviously "Post Your Answer" will be disappeared as soon as question is put on hold, ...
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Answer given to a closed question [duplicate]

In this closed question, an answer was given several seconds after I marked it as duplicated (with my gold badge). I closed it in: 2014-10-02 15:33:31Z The answer was posted in: 2014-10-02 15:34:...
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What exactly are the rules of the "grace period" regarding answering a question that has been closed? [duplicate]

More than few times already, I start typing an answer to a question that gets closed in the meantime. I get the yellow notification and the "post answer" button is disabled. When I later come back to ...
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How did someone manage to reply to this closed question? [duplicate]

See the question Please explain me the logic behind the given program. Also why case 2 will print 4 times [duplicate]. From there I can currently obtain the following info: "asked 3 hours ago&...
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Answer received after the question marked as duplicate [duplicate]

This question, which got marked a duplicate and 3 minutes after that it received an answer on it. How it that possible. Is this some kind of bug?
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Why can closed questions still be answered? [duplicate]

According to Stack Overflow's help page, closed questions cannot be answered: Questions that need additional work or that are not a good fit for this site may be closed by experienced community ...
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How was this question answered after it was closed? [duplicate]

Consider this question on SO. At the time of writing, it was asked 45 minutes ago (12:27:48Z). It was closed 40 minutes ago (12:32:42Z). And user Gio posted an answer 21 minutes ago (12:51:20Z). ...
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Submit Answer after the question was close [duplicate]

I was answering a question,in the same time the question was closed. The submit button was disable, I removed the disable tag from button and my answer was submitted. I thing this is bug. I think ...
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How is it a closed question still receives answers? [duplicate]

Take for example this particular post, although I have seen this occur a few times in the past as well. It was closed as a duplicate (by myself), and yet there is an answer that appeared afterwards. ...
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Answering a question after its been marked a duplicate [duplicate]

This question was marked as a duplicate around a minute before I answered, and still longer than that before other users answered (~2-3 minutes), so how come were we allowed to post our answers? ...
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Answer a closed question [duplicate]

I was redacting an answer and the question get closed: C# function's return value obtained within an if statement Out of curiosity, I just removed the disabled="disable" attribute from the Post ...
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How can someone answer a duplicate question? [duplicate]

I saw this question. It was marked as duplicate at 2016-04-14 11:46:19Z. This question has an answer, which was given at 2016-04-14 11:46:54Z. I have experienced that when I am writing an answer, ...
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