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Why what I asked was downvoted [duplicate]

I asked a question a few days ago. It was a legitimate question. But people downvoted it with no reason (that i could understand) whatsoever. I needed to understand the reason at least so that I could ...
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What am I doing wrong with my questions? [duplicate]

My past few questions on SO, all pertaining to the same thing, are getting downvoted and I'm not sure why. I thought my questions were easily written and understandable, limited code but enough to ...
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What to do if OP self-answers their own bad question? [duplicate]

I was going through the Help and Improvement queue, and found this question. It's a bit difficult to read, includes links to images instead of the code, and seems to be asking for someone else to ...
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How do you react to unexplained downvoting of questions? [duplicate]

Historically, my presence on Stack Overflow hasn't exactly been very reputable. My questions has been downvoted enough for me to be unable to post even meta questions multiple times. Since I didn't ...
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Shouldn't duplicate questions be closed for down-votes? [duplicate]

Why are down votes open for questions marked [duplicate]? I see lot of questions marked duplicate being down-voted without any specific comments. The number of down-votes keep increasing with no ...
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Should I downvote a question if the code in it is highly syntactically inaccurate? [duplicate]

The question: Can we declare instance variable in singleton service? Should I downvote a question if the code in it is highly syntactically inaccurate (1), but the question isn't about any syntactic ...
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Is there a way to understand downvoting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to understand downvoting? I have a question opened about a year ago. This question (for some reason that I don't really understand) got downvote a few minutes ago. To tell the truth ...
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How can I know what I did wrong in my question? [duplicate]

Occasionally I ask a question and get downvotes which don't provide any information on what exactly I did wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and I really would like to improve. Is there a way for me to ...
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Why do I get downvotes on this question? [duplicate]

I don't care whether I am upvoted or downvoted as long as it is justified. But now I'm annoyed because a question was downvoted. Perhaps because a question is "too stupid" for someone or it ...
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Why is this a bad question-? [duplicate]

Where is the value when I do this in pandas Series The question is clear, concise and includes a minimal, complete and verifiable example. It's also non-trivial for those unfamiliar with pandas ...
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Why do people love to downvote my questions? [duplicate]

Is my English bad? Do I not provide enough information? Am I rude? Should I already know an answer before I ask question here? I ask questions because I don't know their answer. If I knew or if I ...
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How do you know when to just down-vote vs. when to close (or both)? [duplicate]

I tend to move between the php, jquery, and javascript tags, so perhaps this is more of an indictment than anything else: I'll use this question (EDIT: it has now been updated with code) as an ...
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Why am I getting downvotes on my detailed & relevant question? [duplicate]

I posted a question yesterday and I have 2 votes to close, 0 upvotes. Nobody has bothered to tell me what's wrong, and as always, I feel extremely frustrated trying to get help on this website. Can ...
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I don't speak good English, and I'm not a good developer but a serious beginner. What is my place? [duplicate]

It is dangerous to ask a question ingenuously. I have tried searching in the previous questions, but I often find nothing helpful, so I decide to ask. But there are entitled people who don't like the ...
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How should I interpret down-votes and putting on-hold for this question of mine? [duplicate]

I asked a question on meta, and requested a clarification for an ambiguous part of the canonical post on what to do if you get banned... (which I think should be very clear because of its importance) ...
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