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A well structured and good question should be prevented from being downvoted? [duplicate]

I had a question about a functionality of JavaScript. It is a well written, correctly formatted and grammatically correct question as suggested by one of the top users of Stack Overflow, Jon ...
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It's way past time to end downvoting OP questions! [duplicate]

Voting on answers to questions makes sense. Users can collectively decide the best answer to the OP's question, even if it's not the chosen one. Voting on questions, however, is vague and fraught with ...
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Why was my question downvoted, and did I not get any reasons? [duplicate]

So, recently I asked a question, which immediately got downvotes. I asked why, multiple times, but no-one seemed to be bothered to answer that. I get the normal reasons for downvotes, and why ...
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Are users downvoting valid questions simply because they think the question is stupid? [duplicate]

I posted this question: How to Require All Struct or Class Members to Be Assigned by Initiailzer in C Sharp And it was immediately downvoted 4 times. From the comments, I get the impression that ...
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Why was my question on a downvoted? [duplicate]

I asked a question here. As you can see, noone really liked it, and people voted to close it as off-topic. I don't have a problem with this, I only want to understand why. In my question, I ask for ...
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Why did my IDE related question get downvoted/flagged? [duplicate]

I have posted several questions about programming specifics which never have a problem and are often well-received and answered, but as someone new to XCode I have been asking for help with fixing ...
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Why my questions immediately getting Downvotes? How to improve? [duplicate]

So below is a question I asked recently. How to check nil for a property already forcefully downcasts. It is a problem I faced while doing a project. So I searched in google just like I always do, but ...
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Is it a good practice to downvote a duplicate question? [duplicate]

If a question is asked in a proper format, but when you know it has been asked many times, is it a good practice to downvote it!?
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When to downvote/upvote? [duplicate]

Say I see a question with -10 votes, and although I don't really like this question, I think it's not that bad to receive (at least) 10 downvotes. IMHO, that question should receive a vote of -1 or -2....
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Downvoted questions due to lack of knowledge [duplicate]

I'm noticing quite a few questions recently that appear to have been downvoted, not because they are necessarily a poor question as per how to ask, but because the user clearly hasn't understood ...
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Should questions be downvoted just because they already have an answer? (perspective of a newbie) [duplicate]

Often my questions get downvoted because they already have an answer. However, I always search around and look before posting any question. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know exactly what to search ...
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Is there a reason to downvote questions if they garner enough flags to be on hold? [duplicate]

Is there a particular reason why one would downvote a question before/after it becomes [on hold]? Is it purely to tell the question's author "hey, you need to put some more effort into your questions."...
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Aggressive downvoting [duplicate]

Over the past few months, I've noticed Stack Overflow users have been down-voting very aggressively. Every time I see the feeds, there are questions that beginners (new users) or intermediate ...
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Should I downvote old, low-quality answers/questions? [duplicate]

Today a question came up that had this question linked as a duplicate. By today's standards at least the question is pretty bad and some of the answers are too. Should I bother downvoting those old ...
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Is it a good practice to downvote an answer because of a minor English error? [duplicate]

I have answered a questions on Stack Overflow. But as I'm not that good in English, there was a little mistake. I used the word round-up instead of round-down. But I gave an example which anyone (...
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