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Should the tooltip for the question upvote button only mention "usefulness"?

In short As I read them, the tooltip for the upvote button for Questions on SO, and the corresponding help-center page for the "vote up" privilege, are not completely consistent. The latter ...
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Ideal approach to asking questions and interacting with answerers

I recently asked a detailed and well-structured question, and quickly after that, a user posted a helpful comment: are you flushing the output objects? I responded: No, I'm not sure what that ...
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Notify users of edits in downvoted answers/questions [duplicate]

Lately there have been quite a few discussions (see i.e. this and link therein) regarding the dropping quality of new questions on SO, some of these arguing when it is right to downvote questions. ...
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Why was my question about restarting SQL server closed and downvoted?

Despite demonstrated efforts to solve the problem on one's own, demonstrated effort to independently search for a resolution as well as evidence of no current posts/questions on SO, one can still be ...
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How to handle challenge about the necessity of a question [duplicate]

A lot of my questions seem to be met with a "what's your goal?" or "why would you want to do THAT?", challenging the validity of the request without getting into the problem, and are down-voted ...
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What to do with a user who downvotes answer which seems correct? [duplicate]

Recently, I've answered a specific question, with a request that could be answered fairly easy. At first the question seemed correct and well targeted, so I answered it, with good will. There was even ...
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