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The downvote for duplication culture of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

As someone who is somewhat new to Stack Overflow and a beginner programmer I thought I would give a bit of feedback on a particular aspect. I recently posted this question on Stack Overflow:...
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Downvote duplicate question? [duplicate]

If a duplicate question with hundreds of duplicates here on Stack Overflow as well as Google all over is asked again, should the question be downvoted? Or just commented (I am not yet allowed to mark ...
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Can you explain why my question was downvoted? [duplicate]

I do not really understand why was my question downvoted. Can someone explain it to me, please? (Question)
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Purpose of down-voting [duplicate]

I have trouble understanding the 'down-vote' feature. New users cannot down-vote, it is a privilege. When one receives it, he/she is shown a 'help' page to be taught when to down-vote and when not to ...
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Is it OK to downvote because I don't like a guy/gal? [duplicate]

There is this guy that was rude to me in my questions, so he downvoted my question. And then added a rude comment. So I replied back and back and forth it became a heated argument. So I want to ask is ...
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Downvoting stupid simple questions [duplicate]

I understand the reason of downvoting, and am aware of the downvote tooltip: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful But to what extent should this be applied? ...
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Is this a bad question or SO users did not read the question clearly? [duplicate]

I asked this question today. It has 3 down votes. And high reputation user(29k) asked "Please show your codes , at least the line 22" as a comment. As I understand he has not read my question ...
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Why am I getting marked down, and about to get banned [duplicate]

This website is to help people right? I try to explain my questions the best way I can, however I see where I am about to be banned from asking questions on stackoverflow. Well I am not a professional,...
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Why downvote a simple question about a piece of code that is not working? [duplicate]

I am new to programming and Stack Overflow. Before asking my first question, I watched several videos and read the guidelines. I then looked at some existing questions, but was unable to figure out ...
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Why is my problem immediately downvoted and being told it's an invalid question? [duplicate]

My question (how to style two divs next to each other with children retaining block) is being downvoted and I'm being told it's invalid. I modeled it after (but provided more details than) the ...
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What should we do with questions from users that didn't even try to learn the language? [duplicate]

Today I saw this question about Rust (now deleted, screenshot attached for <10k). The problem in the question is that the variable is declared incorrectly (like C/C++ Type name; instead of Rust's ...
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Why is this particular question downvoted? [duplicate]

I asked my first question ever on Stack Overflow and it got two downvotes in the first two milliseconds, so I deleted the question to not receive more downvotes. I was preparing for that question ...
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Why is the community so vindictive about theoretical questions? [duplicate]

I'm referring to my question here: Why does the greatest IEEE floating point representable number smaller than 1 differ from 1 by half a machine epsilon? I was asking a genuine question and had an ...
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Downvoting when you are addicted to reputation [duplicate]

Downvoting gives you -1 reputation, which is good. Otherwise users would just downvote anything that they find even remotely inappropriate. You can observe it on Meta, where reputation really doesn't ...
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What's wrong with this question about debugging? [duplicate] I don't actually see the problem here. Why does this have 4 down votes? I googled the ...
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