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How to follow a post? [duplicate]

Sometimes when browsing Stack Overflow I come across a (non-answered yet) question to which I would like to get the answer of. So, I would like to be informed when answers have been posted (even ...
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How do I follow a specific question on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How should one follow specific question? Many a times, I found interesting question of my interest on Stack Overflow. But sometimes it is not answered and later it becomes difficult to find. Is ...
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Subscribe to or "follow" comments [duplicate]

I would like a way to subscribe to or "follow" the comments/discussions on SO posts. I know where I can find all of my comment activity, and I know that I get notifications when someone comments on ...
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How to mark a question as favorite? [duplicate]

Is there a way to mark a question as favorite? It would be really great to have a "Your Favorites" dropdown on the nav bar or something like that. I know I could use bookmarks but there are just too ...
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How can I get notifications when a question is updated? [duplicate]

A few times a question has piqued my interest, and I would like to answer it, but I have to wait for the asker to update some details, or make it a mcve. How can I get notified (other than posing a ...
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How do I subscribe to a question? [duplicate]

I would like to be able to subscribe to question changes to receive notifications and eventually emails.
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How to track interesting questions? [duplicate]

I find many questions interesting, to me, but can see that they have no special value for the community. So I can't flag them as favorite. How can I keep track of those?
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Can I save Stack Overflow questions to my profile? [duplicate]

Is it possible to mark/save/attach some of the questions you feel important that after some you can refer back directly from your profile?
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How to memorize a question? [duplicate]

Suppose I have found a question that is important for me and the one I am about to refer to frequently. How should I "memorize" it to my account so I will not need to search for it once again?
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Feedback - Stack Overflow should have a bookmark button [duplicate]

How can I save pages that are interesting and may want to use later? The only way I can think is use the browser's bookmark functionality. It would be good if this functionality is within Stack ...
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Does bookmarking a question increase the reputation of the questioner? [duplicate]

If we bookmark a question, does the reputation of the questioner increase?
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Labeling posts for later recall [duplicate]

Is it possible to tag posts, so they can be followed later? Specifically, there are some posts that pose interesting questions; they don't have an answer yet, and I'd like to read their answers in the ...
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Recieving updates to a question that is not your own? [duplicate]

How can I get notifications about updates to a question that is not my own?
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How to get notifications on questions not asked by me on Stack Overflow mobile app? [duplicate]

I have installed the Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow mobile apps on my phone. Currently, I am only able to get notifications from questions asked by myself. What if I want to get phone ...
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How to highlight difficult or old questions and then reward the answers?

This is the flip-side of the fastest gun problem. Yeah, some folks are going to specialize in super-fast answers to easy questions and get more rep points than deserved, but that's not the end of the ...
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