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Should I delete my answer if it matches an earlier "faster gun" answer? [duplicate]

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If someone else answers a Q simultaneously, and there is no real difference, is that a good time to delete an answer? [duplicate]

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Keep posting of same answers when one was already posted [duplicate]

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Is it wrong to add the same answer that another user posts at the same time? [duplicate]

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If my answer is a duplicate, should I delete it? [duplicate]

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When other people answer more comprehensively than me, should I delete my answer? [duplicate]

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What to do if there's a better answer than mine?

Sometimes when I refresh after publishing my answer I see another answer, with almost the same code as mine, but better in some details (a small optimization I don't use, better modularization, etc). ...
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Should I downvote on an answer that includes what is essentially the same as mine, after they have answered?

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Multiple answer with essentially same content - is it accepted to downvote?

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