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Is it acceptable to put the Octave tag in a MATLAB post and vice versa?

I am aware there are differences between those two. But there are similarities as well.
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Proposed update to C and C++ tag usage wikis

Background We've had a lot of meta discussions about the use of c and c++ in the same post. Most recently: How to tag questions about "C with a little C++". This is something of a hot ...
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What could be done to limit the "C and C++ are different languages" flames on questions correctly using both tags?

Disclaimer: I have already seen the following questions which are related to, but not focused on, this one: How can we stop SO suggesting both C and C++ tags on questions? Disallow the tagging of ...
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Is this question a good fit for Stack Overflow, after typo corrected?

EDIT: my question has now been put on hold as "off topic for having a simple typographic error", despite the fact that the typo was in my logs and not in the code and did not affect the problem!!! I ...
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How to tag questions about "C with a little C++"

Lately, I've seen a couple of C questions "with some C++". Here is one: Why does my function only update the struct when I pass it with an & symbol? Quote from questions in case it disappears: ...
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How to know the reason of deleted question?

I have recently found my question deleted. I don't feel anything bad about it but I just wanted to know the reason of it. I have created a chat room to talk to Olaf to know why he was the one and the ...
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If questions should not be tagged as C and C++ why are they being closed because the other tag exist?

This question is tagged C++, this one is tagged as C. On meta it has been discuss questions should not be tagged as both and this meta question has a comment by a mod saying the below "Since the ...
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How can we stop SO suggesting both C and C++ tags on questions?

One of the boring, recurring problems in the C and C++ (c and c++) tags is the questions that get tagged with both languages when only one is appropriate. This is annoying to the cognoscenti who ...
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What to do with comments "This isn't C++" and re-tagging

Some novices, unfortunately, write C++ in C-style, using C-style strings and IO, just to name a few things. Unfortunately, users attack them with phrases like "This isn't C++" all the time, which is ...
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Should [perl6] questions be tagged with the [perl] tag as well?

In How is this Perl sensical, considering Perl 6's type system?, the question was initially tagged with both the perl and perl6. I untagged perl, but @ThisSuitIsNotBlack pointed out that the ...
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"There is no language C/C++" [duplicate]

Something that regularly demotivates me from participating on the c tag is that when someone tags their question with both c and c++, certain community members immediately jump on the question with ...
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How should JNA questions best be tagged?

Inciting Question: How should I pass and return unsigned int by value from Java to C/C++ in jna So, I'm trying to solve a common but apparently difficult to google problem in JNA, where my C++ ...
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Tags C and C++ .... should it really only depend on the posted source?

This is somehow related to Disallow the tagging of questions with both C and C++ tags, but not quite the same. I just came across a question that was initially tagged with both tags. The code shown ...
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Must using Stack Overflow tags be approved by the name rights holders?

I asked this question related to iText. One of the rights holders (as I suppose) removed the itext tag. The first comment on my question, by Bruno Lowagie, was this: I have removed the iText tag ...
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How to handle C++ questions which are actually in C

I'm new to SO and often stuck about questions on C++ (and author is claiming it with tags or inside post), but OP shows only C-style code without any trace of C++. Also, such threads may look like ...
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