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How to know the reason of deleted question?

I have recently found my question deleted. I don't feel anything bad about it but I just wanted to know the reason of it. I have created a chat room to talk to Olaf to know why he was the one and the ...
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If questions should not be tagged as C and C++ why are they being closed because the other tag exist?

This question is tagged C++, this one is tagged as C. On meta it has been discuss questions should not be tagged as both and this meta question has a comment by a mod saying the below "Since the ...
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Is it acceptable to put the Octave tag in a MATLAB post and vice versa?

I am aware there are differences between those two. But there are similarities as well.
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How should JNA questions best be tagged?

Inciting Question: How should I pass and return unsigned int by value from Java to C/C++ in jna So, I'm trying to solve a common but apparently difficult to google problem in JNA, where my C++ ...
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