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Is it necessary to include LaTeX? [duplicate]

Some questions are enriched if mathematical foundations are added either to express Boolean logic, formal languages, metrics and other aspects. While for these issues is the site of "computer science",...
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How to format mathematical expressions? [duplicate]

On it is possible to format mathematical expressions as in TeX. Example: $A^{2} + B^{2} = C^{2}$ How do I enable the math rendering on Stack Overflow?
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Supporting Math format [duplicate]

Several times we want type math formula in the fields such as the time complexity or recursive function. For example we need bellow formula: ∑{i=1to n}∑{j=1 to n} A_{i,j}*B_{j,i} or F_{n+1}=F_{{n-1}^...
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Allow LaTeX math notation on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Some Stack Exchange sites (Computer Science) allow using LaTeX notation for equations, such as $O(n^2)$. I would find it useful to have this feature also on Stack Overflow, for example when ...
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Why is MathJax enabled on Code Review but not here? [duplicate]

I do realize that there's already been discussion about whether we need MathJax or not. (In fact, there have been several questions related to that). My question's somewhat more specific: I recently ...
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Is there a way to detect math formatting in Stack Overflow posts, a la Math Overflow? [duplicate]

See this question on Math Overflow for reference. It has several math equations that are "detected" by either surrounding the equations in dollar signs ($) or starting newlines and beginning with a ...
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How to draw a simple tree in the Stack Overflow editor?

Is there a way to draw a tree (as shown below) in Stack Overflow using any LaTeX package or anything else? Tree: 1 \ \ 3 / \ / \ 2 5 / \ / \ 4 7 / \ / ...
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LaTeX on Stack Overflow: any way to include a formula?

Is any painless solution out there to include LaTeX formulas in a Stack Overflow post? Of course I could render the every formula manually, make a picture (lets say a jpeg) out of it, upload it to ...
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MathJax-only code snippets could be simplified into Math Snippets

The request to enable MathJax on SO was declined for some good reasons. But after that discussion, Stack Snippets were introduced, making it possible to load and execute external JavaScript on demand. ...
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What is the best way to enter mathematics into the Stack Overflow question body?

I want to be able to enter equations and other mathematics notation into a question body here on Stack Overflow. I haven't found anything about that directly, but I have seen stuff about using HTML ...
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Please revisit MathJax on SO

The inability to write mathematical notation as markup leads to some pretty poor workarounds, one of which just came back to bite me in the ass today. Someone left a helpful comment on this answer ...
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Mermaid diagrams markup extension

As an architect, I meandered last few years from one to another "graph as a markup" solution. Until I found Mermaid. Very often diagram is the best way to explain some question or give an non trivial ...
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How should mathematical formulas be formatted in Documentation, without MathJax? [closed]

I want to add some explanation to an example. I would like to add a mathematical formula to that explanation. Sure, the code executes that formula, but it's often obscured by the syntax of the ...
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Integrate an online UML/diagram editor such as Gliffy

It is helpful to draw diagrams to illustrate a question or an answer. Since UML is the lingua franca of software descriptions, it'd be useful to be able to include such diagrams too. Right now the ...
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A method for users to include LaTeX math in questions / answers without MathJax -- would SO devs be interested in adding this as a bespoke button?

I am writing this post to help people who absolutely need mathematical notation on their questions / answers, to point out my method of doing so, given SO's reluctance / inability to support MathJax ...
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