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How do you deal with people who downvote all your posts? [duplicate]

Almost all my posts have at least 1 downvote, so I was thinking a person must have gone through my history and downvoted everything I contributed. Is there a way to report this or do I just need to ...
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Could / should any action be taken against repetitive downvotes? [duplicate]

Recently I received a downvote on a number of my questions in a single minute. It's hard to assume that those came from different users, especially given that those questions are not recent at all. ...
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Reporting an act of vengeance on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I was browsing through the Stack Overflow website and had commented on a few posts requesting the OPs to indent the codes that they had submitted, etc. When I checked after a few minutes, I found out ...
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Strange downvote behaviour [duplicate]

This morning I opened my account on stackoverflow and I saw that 39 of my last answers have been suddenly downvoted. All one after the other, without any comment, without any explanation. All the ...
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User downvoting a question because I didn't accept their answer?

In a recent question I asked, (scrollHeight is more than clientHeight, even without scrolling content), two answers were given, one explaining what was happening but not explaining how to fix it ...
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Channel to contact admin or moderator

What is the channel to contact with administrator or moderator of this site to report a situation with an account?
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What to do when I got downvotes on multiple answers in one minute? [duplicate]

My problem is that I had several downvotes on multiple answers of mine as per the screenshot. These happened within a minute (except for the last one). What conclusion can I get from that? Is it ...
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Received many upvotes on other answers at the same time [duplicate]

I had answered a question here. Afterwards, I noticed that I received many upvotes for some of my other answers at the same time! Where did these upvotes come from?
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Downvote's hunter [duplicate]

I have a strange feeling since this morning... Someone's hunting my questions and answers and downvote each one. I have 11 Q/A downvoted until now. If these Q/A are incorrect or don't help, that's ...
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Can we flag a specific user? [duplicate]

I think it would be a great option to be able to flag a specific user for misbehavior, such as the potential of downvoting another user just to lower their reputation. Granted it might be difficult to ...
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Dealing with contributing but abusive users

tl;dr How can I as a user deal with content of users who are helpful in general but leave abusive comments and/or answers? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate the problem when I run into such ...
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How should I report suspected voting irregularities? [duplicate]

I received a bunch of downvotes within a few minutes, one on each of several recent answers I've made in the google-apps-script tag. One, two, three and four. IMHO the answers were helpful. ...
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Revenge serial-downvoter with a few downvotes per time [duplicate]

I don't know why, but today someone that I don't know who, voted both of them in a few seconds. I'm sure this is serial downvoting, because these two questions have nothing to do with each other and ...
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Mod request to undo targeted downvotes

I recently saw three downvotes on my three most downvoted questions, all occurring within one minute. I have 10k+ rep, so I don't care about minus 6. The behavior itself though reeks of vandalism. I ...
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Bulk of downvotes on most of my questions [duplicate]

Just an hour ago, I noticed a lot of downvotes on questions and answers of mine, some even being like three years old. While I am not shedding any tears over the rep points lost, I am just wondering ...
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