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Spurned downvote after seeking clarification on a question [duplicate]

I was seeking to ask an OP's attempts to a question, but they were not happy with the comments I posted and they went on a rampage to down-vote 20 of my answers. I suspect the author of the question ...
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Rude comment and followed with mass downvote [duplicate]

So I was commenting on this question: Laravel convert query mysql to model query And a user reprimanded me for posting an unhelpful comment for the question. My comment was to direct the user to ...
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What should I do if I suspect voting with multiple accounts?

I recently stumbled upon a question which I thought to be legitimate, but it had a score of -6 with only 6 views and no comments. Inspecting OP's reputation changes shows 6 downvotes within 40 seconds ...
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All my new questions are suddenly downvoted [duplicate]

For the last 2 days, my questions were downvoted. I have no idea what's wrong with them. I showed them to my colleagues and they also think that they are fine. How can I deal with it?
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Are there any clues whether multiple down votes are from the same source? [duplicate]

Yesterday I received 4 down votes across 4 different answers all within about a minute and a half. This stands out to me only because all 4 answers were recent, with +1 score originally and no down ...
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Why are only 3 out of 5 (6) serial downvotes restored? [duplicate]

Yesterday evening I made a comment on some questions. A few minutes later 5 downvotes came within 2 minutes. And another one 30 minutes later. All on some of my "top" answers. So - a person turning to ...
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How to end this "this isn't a duplicate" situation with the OP?

I hammered this question with a very good target, plus I personally tested the accepted answer and it works fine. Now the OP is kind of mad at me, because the answer doesn't work for him that's why ...
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How to deal with "difficult"/"brazen" users?

A few weeks, or even months, ago, I had to quickly finish a work sample to secure my first position as a junior software engineer. The work sample included developing an application, for a "new" ...
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If a 1k rep user told a 6k rep user that answering 'No research effort' question is not The SO way, would that be rude?

I was reviewing a question in the MATLAB tag with no sign of research (the guy asked about step-by-step solution). I wrote the following comment: Welcome to Stack Overflow, We want to help you solve ...
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How to handle what seems to be an attack on your account rep? [duplicate]

I went to a meeting for an hour to come back and find I'd lost 62 rep... Being somewhat surprised, I had a look: It really looks like someone is going round finding all my answers and marking them ...
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Civic duty - voting spree [duplicate]

This morning there was an expected surprise in my award overview. Thrice in a row either a question or answer of mine was downvoted. I receive downvotes too, but mostly as a response to a question/...
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Victim of serial up voting

Yesterday, I got up voted for three old questions and answers (exactly three). One of the answers I got up voted for does not even deserve to get up voted. So I'm suspecting that I'm being a victim of ...
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Timeline to address custom moderator flags

Disclaimer: While this question calls out a specific instance of an issue as an example, please do not attempt in any way to get involved in this specific issue if you are not a moderator. This ...
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Found a weird change in reputation history. Seems like Parallel Serial voting [duplicate]

I suddenly noticed a weird change in my reputation history. It goes -42. First I think any of the question which I answered may be deleted or something. But when I checked my reputation history, it ...
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Is Stack Overflow a welcoming place for beginners? [duplicate]

Recently, I have asked a basic question about C++ templates. Although, I have worked with other technologies, I know very little of templates and asked a question explaining my concern. The question ...
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