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What can I do against someone who downvotes all my posts? [duplicate]

I downvoted someones answer, he asked why and i gave him the answer. He insulted me with go get a life ... douche (or something like that) deleted his answer and is now downvoting all my posts. ...
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Someone was abusing me in comments and now downvoted me with 86 points [duplicate]

Well, it takes a hell of a lot of efforts to give a right answer and it takes even more thought processes to give a suitable explanation of what and how you made the answer. I woke up this morning ...
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Is it OK to re-post the same answer after down-vote or how to deal with jokers [duplicate]

Last few months someone (I'm sure that this is the same person each time) constantly downvotes my answers. Of course with no comments. Maybe someone offended on my criticism or someone who think that ...
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Action for Unreasonable Downvotes [duplicate]

I got 123 reputations this day, until this afternoon. Then I've come across questions which I and others downvoted and commented because they are not appropriate for the community being asked. (...
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All the 3 users got downvoted for closing the answer [duplicate]

This question was closed by 3 users. After that, the OP decided to downvote the questions/answers of all 3 of us for revenge, I guess. What should one do in this situation? The downvotes can be seen ...
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All my new questions are suddenly downvoted [duplicate]

For the last 2 days, my questions were downvoted. I have no idea what's wrong with them. I showed them to my colleagues and they also think that they are fine. How can I deal with it?
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Are downvote costs visible when I check the activity of someone else? [duplicate]

Can downvote-costs be seen in the activity tab of the profile? If so it would be easy to validate revenge-downvotes, if you have a specific user in mind. I changed the wording of the question, ...
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Policy on retaliatory downvoting [duplicate]

I posted a question, and someone commented with a non-answer. I told him his answer didn't answer the question, and he told me to google it in a pretty hostile manner, so I flagged his comment as ...
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I received a series of downvotes [duplicate]

Recently I noticed that I had received a number of downvotes on about 10 answers in a span of 1 minute. That's about 6 seconds per question. Now I don't mind criticism at all but how is it humanly ...
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Improper downvotes from a user that I vote to close one of his questions [duplicate]

A few hours ago, I check this question, which is not a proper question due to SO rules so I voted for closure with reason Off-topic > Why isn't this code working reason and downvote the question. ...
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Rage Downvotes - How do we deal with them? [duplicate]

I was wondering about something: A friend who is quite active on Stack Overflow told me recently that if he feels offended by somebody, he just goes on their profile, opens a couple of answers or ...
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Found a weird change in reputation history. Seems like Parallel Serial voting [duplicate]

I suddenly noticed a weird change in my reputation history. It goes -42. First I think any of the question which I answered may be deleted or something. But when I checked my reputation history, it ...
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1 down vote on every question and answer seems like abuse from 1 person [duplicate]

Receltly, i joined stack overflow and asked my first question. I got an answer and was happy. No downvotes. After asking more questions I still never got a downvote. After asking a question marked as ...
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Have I been serial down-voted? [duplicate]

I checked my reputation tab a bit ago, and noticed something a bit odd (partial list in screenshot, the full list is much longer). Did someone do this? Or is the system acting strangely?
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How do I reverse serial downvoting on my posts? [duplicate]

I must have caused someone to be angry at me, because these two reputation changes happened within a few seconds: These two posts are the ones with the most votes, so they are on top of the lists ...
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What to do if a user initiates a downvote war because I've been pointing out that their answer posts look like ChatGPT? [duplicate]

Here's a screenshot of my comments history. Here's some example links: How to build multi module jib image with nested modules What is torch.nn.Module? How to include parameter and event in a function ...
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I've been downvoted for flagging a duplicate [duplicate]

I flagged a question as a possible duplicate and got insulted from the asker. Then he deleted his post and immediately after downvoted two of my recent posts. At least I think so (I'm not privileged ...
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my posts are being downvoted without any reason [duplicate]

Today, I'm facing strange thing. From morning, someone is down-voting my posts (even months earlier posts), without leaving any comment specifying any reason. at first i thought that, it my posts ...
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Received many upvotes on other answers at the same time [duplicate]

I had answered a question here. Afterwards, I noticed that I received many upvotes for some of my other answers at the same time! Where did these upvotes come from?
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Could / should any action be taken against repetitive downvotes? [duplicate]

Recently I received a downvote on a number of my questions in a single minute. It's hard to assume that those came from different users, especially given that those questions are not recent at all. ...
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Why are only 3 out of 5 (6) serial downvotes restored? [duplicate]

Yesterday evening I made a comment on some questions. A few minutes later 5 downvotes came within 2 minutes. And another one 30 minutes later. All on some of my "top" answers. So - a person turning to ...
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How do you deal with people who downvote all your posts? [duplicate]

Almost all my posts have at least 1 downvote, so I was thinking a person must have gone through my history and downvoted everything I contributed. Is there a way to report this or do I just need to ...
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"Short series" serial downvoting? [duplicate]

With a very short span of time, several of my answers and questions have been downvoted. These questions share a tag - but it's a tag on which I have well over a 100 questions. The questions are not ...
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I was bombarded by downvotes because I didn't find answer satisfying [duplicate]

Recently I asked a question on Stack Overflow, and I didn't find the answer satisfactory. So I have chosen to leave the question open. But when the user who posted the answer asked me if I found ...
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How to prevent intentional down voting in stackoverflow -- you'd like it [duplicate]

Yesterday, I saw a post where I answered a newbie's post about where to look for the answer for his question. Someone great! got good amount of time and didn't like that I gave links in my answers ...
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Voting reversal is not correct [duplicate]

Yesterday I was a victim of serial downvoting. I lost 12 reputation points as a result. I waited however because I knew that it will be eventually reversed. Today when the voting was corrected, I ...
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What do I when you got a question ban after a vote down rush? [duplicate]

I was able to post a question, but someone disliked three of my OLD questions, so I can't ask a question any more. Just look at the screen and you will see that someone searched for my old topic to ...
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Rude comment and followed with mass downvote [duplicate]

So I was commenting on this question: Laravel convert query mysql to model query And a user reprimanded me for posting an unhelpful comment for the question. My comment was to direct the user to ...
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How to flag series of votes [duplicate]

Few minutes before Four answers(1,2,3,4)(unfortunately these ware the top voted answers for me) ware down-voted by someone. Is there any possibility to flag/report such series votes(up - down) to get ...
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I didn't know I had enemies [duplicate]

I just noticed this. I have never had so many downvotes in one day - some of the posts are several years old: I suppose, I can't figure out who did it, or why. Can I do anything at all about it?
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