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Mechanism to detect or validate spite-downvotes?

I've stumbled upon two of my unanswered posts: LNK2005 (already defined) – Linker behaves strange which ...
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Retaliation Downvotes - Is there way to specifically report or provide justification for this? [duplicate]

It may not be a big deal for most but just as part of product design for Stack Overflow, is there no way to handle/mitigate retaliation based downvotes? One scenario that happens often with me is when ...
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User downvoting a question because I didn't accept their answer?

In a recent question I asked, (scrollHeight is more than clientHeight, even without scrolling content), two answers were given, one explaining what was happening but not explaining how to fix it ...
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Moderator declined to handle serial downvoting flags

So something seems to be wrong with this one - I posted this question: Strange votes on my account yesterday. As a comment to the answer, one of the moderators recommended to flag the new votes too, ...
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What is the next step for a user who continuously downvotes me and is being rude to me?

I noticed that a user with who we had a disagreement in the past about when to downvote and when to leave a comment in an answer was downvoting me serially (but not e.g. 5 downvotes in 1 min, so the ...
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