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Anything to do about "retaliation" downvotes?

Sometimes downvotes may not be serial downvoting but they are clearly done as a form of retaliation and have little (or nothing) to do with the downvoter's opinion about the content of your post. Our ...
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Why was my custom flag about serial downvoting declined?

I recently raised a custom moderator flag about the flood of downvotes I am getting recently. While I had raised one before, the downvotes were reversed by the downvoter and replaced by upvotes, so I ...
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Timeline to address custom moderator flags

Disclaimer: While this question calls out a specific instance of an issue as an example, please do not attempt in any way to get involved in this specific issue if you are not a moderator. This ...
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Is Stack Overflow a welcoming place for beginners? [duplicate]

Recently, I have asked a basic question about C++ templates. Although, I have worked with other technologies, I know very little of templates and asked a question explaining my concern. The question ...
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Hostility, deleted rude comment, and personal attack by downvoting of old question

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: OpenOffice Calc find value in table, return value of other cell in same row as match I believe my post here was specific enough before the edits, and ...
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Channel to contact admin or moderator

What is the channel to contact with administrator or moderator of this site to report a situation with an account?
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Mod request to undo targeted downvotes

I recently saw three downvotes on my three most downvoted questions, all occurring within one minute. I have 10k+ rep, so I don't care about minus 6. The behavior itself though reeks of vandalism. I ...
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How can moderators help if even they cannot see who placed the votes?

I have the feeling someone was deliberately downvoting me and started research about what to do. After reading: What to do when someone deliberately down-votes many of the questions which I have ...
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How to deal with "difficult"/"brazen" users?

A few weeks, or even months, ago, I had to quickly finish a work sample to secure my first position as a junior software engineer. The work sample included developing an application, for a "new" ...
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Victim of serial up voting

Yesterday, I got up voted for three old questions and answers (exactly three). One of the answers I got up voted for does not even deserve to get up voted. So I'm suspecting that I'm being a victim of ...
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When does downvoting get "serial" enough to be worth reporting?

The question is as in the title. One vote obviously can't be serial. A couple dozen of votes in 1 minute obviously are. Still, as per 2 votes against ...
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Why are my reputation points reduced every Sunday on Stack Overflow?

It's nearly six week. Every Sunday night my reputation points are reduced by some points without any reason. The "Recent Achievement" option does not show any deduction, but the reputation points are ...
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Is it allowed to continually up vote someone's answers and questions?

I have been noticing random upvotes on all my questions and answers (a large increase in them on all my questions and answers, most of them being older posts). While I should be happy, I guess, I am ...
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What can I do if I receive a persistent flood of revenge downvotes through multiple automatic reversals?

After I got a serial downvote, the bot fixed (some of) the downvotes, and I thought all was well, but after 4 hours, a second serial downvote occurs, and the bot has yet to respond, I know I should ...
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Regarding the [down-votes] and [up-votes] tags - the line must *not* be drawn here!

tl;dr: I request that: down-votes is renamed to downvotes. down-votes is possibly added as a synonym for downvotes. up-votes is renamed to upvotes. up-votes is possibly added as a synonym for ...
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