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How to handle what seems to be an attack on your account rep? [duplicate]

I went to a meeting for an hour to come back and find I'd lost 62 rep... Being somewhat surprised, I had a look: It really looks like someone is going round finding all my answers and marking them ...
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What to do when I got downvotes on multiple answers in one minute? [duplicate]

My problem is that I had several downvotes on multiple answers of mine as per the screenshot. These happened within a minute (except for the last one). What conclusion can I get from that? Is it ...
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Anything I can do about someone looking through my responses and downvoting? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago I see this: It's seemingly a single user going through my posts to downvote. It's not a huge deal I guess, it's only a few rep - but it's (seemingly) someone being malicious. I've ...
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Serial voting reversed, but not all [duplicate]

Yesterday, someone has downvoted me 17 times, just at the end of the UTC day and continued today. The voting was caught by the reversal job at 3 am, but it only caught the votes from today and didn't ...
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How to deal with a user who has figured out how to bypass the serial down voting algorithm [duplicate]

Someone out there has nothing better to do than to get up every morning and downvote my old posts after the initial serial downvoting they initially did was reversed by the auto detection algorithm. I'...
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Bulk of downvotes on most of my questions [duplicate]

Just an hour ago, I noticed a lot of downvotes on questions and answers of mine, some even being like three years old. While I am not shedding any tears over the rep points lost, I am just wondering ...
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My three old questions got downvoted at the same moment [duplicate]

My three very old questions ( 9 month old or so ) on stackoverflow got suddenly down voted at the same time and I received a -6 reputation. When this happened, I was doing two things, Rejected a ...
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Are there any clues whether multiple down votes are from the same source? [duplicate]

Yesterday I received 4 down votes across 4 different answers all within about a minute and a half. This stands out to me only because all 4 answers were recent, with +1 score originally and no down ...
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I don't know isn't a bug or someone did? [duplicate]

After I downvoted to someone question , as soon as I went to look my reputation in profile and I found out that I got so many downvote ! I wonder it is a bug as I downvoted on someone question ? But ...
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Someone has intentionally downvoted all of my questions. What should I do? [duplicate]

Someone has intentionally downvoted at once, all question I have asked before, resulting in about 100 reputation loss. What should I do?
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Revenge serial-downvoter with a few downvotes per time [duplicate]

I don't know why, but today someone that I don't know who, voted both of them in a few seconds. I'm sure this is serial downvoting, because these two questions have nothing to do with each other and ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

In connection with the moderator elections, as we have been for the previous few, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. I wanted to write Autumn but for some reason it feels like it runs ...
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Dealing with contributing but abusive users

tl;dr How can I as a user deal with content of users who are helpful in general but leave abusive comments and/or answers? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate the problem when I run into such ...
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Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?

I know that I gain and lose reputation when people vote on my posts. For example, when one of my answers receives an upvote, I earn 10 points and receive a green notification in the top bar. However, ...
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If a 1k rep user told a 6k rep user that answering 'No research effort' question is not The SO way, would that be rude?

I was reviewing a question in the MATLAB tag with no sign of research (the guy asked about step-by-step solution). I wrote the following comment: Welcome to Stack Overflow, We want to help you solve ...
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