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How to deal with spiteful users? [duplicate]

I recently pointed out in a comment to an answer (Create a string for a time variable) that the poster of that answer (Neel) had copied it from the answer of another user, including a spelling error ...
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Why did all my questions get down voted by Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was just going through my profile and I discovered that I had lost some points when I checked my profile I found out that I was down-voted on a lot of my questions for no apparent reason what did I ...
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Why were randomly chosen questions with good votes down voted within a very short time? [duplicate]

Today something strange happened to some of my questions. Within a very short time (almost instantly) someone down voted three of my questions which all have been up voted before or were of interest ...
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Spurned downvote after seeking clarification on a question [duplicate]

I was seeking to ask an OP's attempts to a question, but they were not happy with the comments I posted and they went on a rampage to down-vote 20 of my answers. I suspect the author of the question ...
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How to avoid revenge downvotes? [duplicate]

I really don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I really don't know where else to ask this, so here goes - So I've just started programming, and to dive in deeper, I've ...
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Downvote's hunter [duplicate]

I have a strange feeling since this morning... Someone's hunting my questions and answers and downvote each one. I have 11 Q/A downvoted until now. If these Q/A are incorrect or don't help, that's ...
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Surprising behaviour on Stack Overflow website [duplicate]

Today I found this surprising behaviour on all my questions on Stack Overflow. Suddenly I see most of my questions are downvoted. I'm not sure why. After some time, some of the questions got upvotes. ...
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Reporting an act of vengeance on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I was browsing through the Stack Overflow website and had commented on a few posts requesting the OPs to indent the codes that they had submitted, etc. When I checked after a few minutes, I found out ...
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Strange downvote behaviour [duplicate]

This morning I opened my account on stackoverflow and I saw that 39 of my last answers have been suddenly downvoted. All one after the other, without any comment, without any explanation. All the ...
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How should I report suspected voting irregularities? [duplicate]

I received a bunch of downvotes within a few minutes, one on each of several recent answers I've made in the google-apps-script tag. One, two, three and four. IMHO the answers were helpful. ...
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What to do about voting fraud? [duplicate]

I've been a Stack Overflow member for a while now, and all has gone well so far. But recently I got a downvote on each of two of my very old questions (in the same day), I thought it was rather ...
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What should you do if someone goes after your previous questions to downvote them? [duplicate]

For some reason after I answered a question today (not sure which one), it seems like someone entered my profile and just downvoted two very old questions. I highly believe this is what happened ...
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What to do when someone deliberately down-votes many of the questions which I have asked? [duplicate]

Someone deliberately downvoted the questions which I have asked in the nearby past. The reason is that I downvoted him on one of my thread in I came to know because I ...
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Is there a specific time to revered with serial up/downvotes? [duplicate]

This might have been asked before, but just to clear I am asking because when it's too much clear that you've been downvoted as a target? Is there any rollback? I have read threads saying just ...
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Civic duty - voting spree [duplicate]

This morning there was an expected surprise in my award overview. Thrice in a row either a question or answer of mine was downvoted. I receive downvotes too, but mostly as a response to a question/...
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