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What to do if a user initiates a downvote war because I've been pointing out that their answer posts look like ChatGPT? [duplicate]

Here's a screenshot of my comments history. Here's some example links: How to build multi module jib image with nested modules What is torch.nn.Module? How to include parameter and event in a function ...
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I've been downvoted for flagging a duplicate [duplicate]

I flagged a question as a possible duplicate and got insulted from the asker. Then he deleted his post and immediately after downvoted two of my recent posts. At least I think so (I'm not privileged ...
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my posts are being downvoted without any reason [duplicate]

Today, I'm facing strange thing. From morning, someone is down-voting my posts (even months earlier posts), without leaving any comment specifying any reason. at first i thought that, it my posts ...
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Received many upvotes on other answers at the same time [duplicate]

I had answered a question here. Afterwards, I noticed that I received many upvotes for some of my other answers at the same time! Where did these upvotes come from?
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Could / should any action be taken against repetitive downvotes? [duplicate]

Recently I received a downvote on a number of my questions in a single minute. It's hard to assume that those came from different users, especially given that those questions are not recent at all. ...
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Why are only 3 out of 5 (6) serial downvotes restored? [duplicate]

Yesterday evening I made a comment on some questions. A few minutes later 5 downvotes came within 2 minutes. And another one 30 minutes later. All on some of my "top" answers. So - a person turning to ...
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How do you deal with people who downvote all your posts? [duplicate]

Almost all my posts have at least 1 downvote, so I was thinking a person must have gone through my history and downvoted everything I contributed. Is there a way to report this or do I just need to ...
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"Short series" serial downvoting? [duplicate]

With a very short span of time, several of my answers and questions have been downvoted. These questions share a tag - but it's a tag on which I have well over a 100 questions. The questions are not ...
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I was bombarded by downvotes because I didn't find answer satisfying [duplicate]

Recently I asked a question on Stack Overflow, and I didn't find the answer satisfactory. So I have chosen to leave the question open. But when the user who posted the answer asked me if I found ...
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How to prevent intentional down voting in stackoverflow -- you'd like it [duplicate]

Yesterday, I saw a post where I answered a newbie's post about where to look for the answer for his question. Someone great! got good amount of time and didn't like that I gave links in my answers ...
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Voting reversal is not correct [duplicate]

Yesterday I was a victim of serial downvoting. I lost 12 reputation points as a result. I waited however because I knew that it will be eventually reversed. Today when the voting was corrected, I ...
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What do I when you got a question ban after a vote down rush? [duplicate]

I was able to post a question, but someone disliked three of my OLD questions, so I can't ask a question any more. Just look at the screen and you will see that someone searched for my old topic to ...
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Rude comment and followed with mass downvote [duplicate]

So I was commenting on this question: Laravel convert query mysql to model query And a user reprimanded me for posting an unhelpful comment for the question. My comment was to direct the user to ...
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How to flag series of votes [duplicate]

Few minutes before Four answers(1,2,3,4)(unfortunately these ware the top voted answers for me) ware down-voted by someone. Is there any possibility to flag/report such series votes(up - down) to get ...
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I didn't know I had enemies [duplicate]

I just noticed this. I have never had so many downvotes in one day - some of the posts are several years old: I suppose, I can't figure out who did it, or why. Can I do anything at all about it?
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