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Downvote's hunter [duplicate]

I have a strange feeling since this morning... Someone's hunting my questions and answers and downvote each one. I have 11 Q/A downvoted until now. If these Q/A are incorrect or don't help, that's ...
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Can we flag a specific user? [duplicate]

I think it would be a great option to be able to flag a specific user for misbehavior, such as the potential of downvoting another user just to lower their reputation. Granted it might be difficult to ...
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Mod request to undo targeted downvotes

I recently saw three downvotes on my three most downvoted questions, all occurring within one minute. I have 10k+ rep, so I don't care about minus 6. The behavior itself though reeks of vandalism. I ...
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How should I report suspected voting irregularities? [duplicate]

I received a bunch of downvotes within a few minutes, one on each of several recent answers I've made in the google-apps-script tag. One, two, three and four. IMHO the answers were helpful. ...
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What can I do against someone who downvotes all my posts? [duplicate]

I downvoted someones answer, he asked why and i gave him the answer. He insulted me with go get a life ... douche (or something like that) deleted his answer and is now downvoting all my posts. ...
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What do we do when we see massive downvoting on posts in a specific tag?

Today, when I've visited Stack Overflow as always to see the newest AngularJS questions, I've noticed that a lot of question had a negative score. After a closer look, it appeared that even the ...
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Rage Downvotes - How do we deal with them? [duplicate]

I was wondering about something: A friend who is quite active on Stack Overflow told me recently that if he feels offended by somebody, he just goes on their profile, opens a couple of answers or ...
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Mechanism to detect or validate spite-downvotes?

I've stumbled upon two of my unanswered posts: LNK2005 (already defined) – Linker behaves strange which ...
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1 down vote on every question and answer seems like abuse from 1 person [duplicate]

Receltly, i joined stack overflow and asked my first question. I got an answer and was happy. No downvotes. After asking more questions I still never got a downvote. After asking a question marked as ...
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I received a series of downvotes [duplicate]

Recently I noticed that I had received a number of downvotes on about 10 answers in a span of 1 minute. That's about 6 seconds per question. Now I don't mind criticism at all but how is it humanly ...
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How to deal with spiteful users? [duplicate]

I recently pointed out in a comment to an answer (Create a string for a time variable) that the poster of that answer (Neel) had copied it from the answer of another user, including a spelling error ...

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