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Is there a way to understand downvoting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to understand downvoting? I have a question opened about a year ago. This question (for some reason that I don't really understand) got downvote a few minutes ago. To tell the truth ...
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When does downvoting get "serial" enough to be worth reporting?

The question is as in the title. One vote obviously can't be serial. A couple dozen of votes in 1 minute obviously are. Still, as per 2 votes against ...
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Why were randomly chosen questions with good votes down voted within a very short time? [duplicate]

Today something strange happened to some of my questions. Within a very short time (almost instantly) someone down voted three of my questions which all have been up voted before or were of interest ...
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Someone has intentionally downvoted all of my questions. What should I do? [duplicate]

Someone has intentionally downvoted at once, all question I have asked before, resulting in about 100 reputation loss. What should I do?
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My three old questions got downvoted at the same moment [duplicate]

My three very old questions ( 9 month old or so ) on stackoverflow got suddenly down voted at the same time and I received a -6 reputation. When this happened, I was doing two things, Rejected a ...
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How to flag series of votes [duplicate]

Few minutes before Four answers(1,2,3,4)(unfortunately these ware the top voted answers for me) ware down-voted by someone. Is there any possibility to flag/report such series votes(up - down) to get ...
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Voting reversal is not correct [duplicate]

Yesterday I was a victim of serial downvoting. I lost 12 reputation points as a result. I waited however because I knew that it will be eventually reversed. Today when the voting was corrected, I ...
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Revenge serial-downvoter with a few downvotes per time [duplicate]

I don't know why, but today someone that I don't know who, voted both of them in a few seconds. I'm sure this is serial downvoting, because these two questions have nothing to do with each other and ...
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Why are my reputation points reduced every Sunday on Stack Overflow?

It's nearly six week. Every Sunday night my reputation points are reduced by some points without any reason. The "Recent Achievement" option does not show any deduction, but the reputation points are ...
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Policy on retaliatory downvoting [duplicate]

I posted a question, and someone commented with a non-answer. I told him his answer didn't answer the question, and he told me to google it in a pretty hostile manner, so I flagged his comment as ...
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Anything I can do about someone looking through my responses and downvoting? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago I see this: It's seemingly a single user going through my posts to downvote. It's not a huge deal I guess, it's only a few rep - but it's (seemingly) someone being malicious. I've ...
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Why did all my questions get down voted by Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was just going through my profile and I discovered that I had lost some points when I checked my profile I found out that I was down-voted on a lot of my questions for no apparent reason what did I ...
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Have I been serial down-voted? [duplicate]

I checked my reputation tab a bit ago, and noticed something a bit odd (partial list in screenshot, the full list is much longer). Did someone do this? Or is the system acting strangely?
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Is it allowed to continually up vote someone's answers and questions?

I have been noticing random upvotes on all my questions and answers (a large increase in them on all my questions and answers, most of them being older posts). While I should be happy, I guess, I am ...
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Dealing with contributing but abusive users

tl;dr How can I as a user deal with content of users who are helpful in general but leave abusive comments and/or answers? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate the problem when I run into such ...

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