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What can I do if I believe that my question was wrongly marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This is a question that I have in mind: My question : Find nth smallest element in numpy array I tried to present my case in comments, but to no avail, are there other mechanisms to get my question ...
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Understanding why my question was closed so I can ask better questions in the future [duplicate]

I asked a question here: Traversing over dictionary using variable number of keys It was closed within two minutes by a user with the gold badge for closing duplicates. The question demonstrates ...
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Appropriate response to questionable question closure [duplicate]

I recently answered a question and then that question was closed as duplicate of the usual canonical "null pointer exception" questions and my answer was downvoted. As far as I am concerned, ...
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Why was this particular question closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Not what others asked in SO before. It's new This is my second question. I asked my first question here. But that question was closed quoting that my ...
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What constitutes a duplicate closure [duplicate]

I checked the front page of c++ threads and I worked out two problems. Each time I did and tried to submit my work the question s were closed.also, in both cases they were closed about the time I ...
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My first question flagged as duplicate even though it isn't duplicate [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a way to round a Pearson coefficient to a set number of decimal places? I asked this as my first question having searched and searched for a ...
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I'd like to discuss about re-opening my question, as I do not find it to be a duplicate [duplicate]

Earlier this morning, I posted a question that I genuinely felt was not a duplicate in any way, shape, or form. However, it was downvoted and closed by a single user who felt that it was, and I wanted ...
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Why was my question marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This question of mine was unilaterally marked as a duplicate of this question by a python gold badge holder almost immediately after I asked it. However, all of the answers in the question that it was ...
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Wrongly dup-marked question single handedly [duplicate]

Very shortly after LavX64 (a user who's pretty new to this site - 16 rep) asked this question, the user πάντα ῥεῖ single handedly marked the question as a duplicate. Two problems now: The marked ...
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Close question as duplicate even when the duplicate did not solve OP issue [duplicate]

I usually run into questions that is a duplicate of another question where OPS linked the duplicate question in that question but clearly mentioned in the question that none of the answers from the ...
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" If these questions don’t resolve your question, ask a new one. " [duplicate]

Here: Yet another Ajax POST to PHP: $_POST is empty I said I've already read other questions and they didn't solve my problem. Hence I asked a new question linking the relevant questions I read. ...
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What takes precedence: rules or purpose? [duplicate]

Stackoverflow, as a social media approach to information gathering, has classic struggles with signal to noise issues. In such systems "checks and balances" tend to work best. S.O. moderators have a ...
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What if none of the answers in a potential duplicate question work? [duplicate]

TLDR: In general, if all the answers are not working, should the question asker comment on it or ask a new question? What should we do if they comment on it and there isn't any response? I asked a ...
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How to oppose questions marked as duplicate [duplicate]

Since most people are lemmings, it often only takes 1 duplicate flag for a question to be closed as duplicate. (even if the so called duplicate does not even get close to answering the question). ...
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Is there a way to mark a question as not being a duplicate? [duplicate]

So I was writing an answer to this question explaining where identifiers can be re-declared and I click post but nothing happens - turns out someone marked the question as duplicate. I don't think ...
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What is the proper way to address a question that has been marked as a duplicate when it should not be and you have an answer for it? [duplicate]

Earlier today, I ran across a question that shared characteristics of another question and was marked a duplicate. However, the question that was actually asked, "What am I doing wrong here?", was ...
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Why was this question closed as a duplicate? [duplicate]

My question asks about how to comment a line within a multi-line code segment: How to comment out one line of a multiline statement It was closed for another question that asks about how to do a line ...
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My closed question had nothing to do with the duplicate [duplicate]

I asked a JavaScript question and didn't get any answer in a few days and I put a bounty on it and got a great answer. Later that day, it was closed as a duplicate. The referenced answer was about &...
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Can I report if a question is marked as duplicate, but actually it is not? [duplicate]

This question is marked as a duplicate. But the questioner does not know that was the answer. So is the question marked as duplicate correct? Also, if I feel that the marked flag for that question ...
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"Duplicate" partially answers question. - Is it really a duplicate? [duplicate]

I recently was having with something in Android and I solved it after tough research. So I thought I'd ask the question and give a user a chance to answer the question himself for him to gain ...
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Reopen incorrect duplicate [duplicate]

Screen reader accessibility for password-like text was closed by a css gold badge holder as a duplicate of Force screen reader to read one letter at a time rather than the entire word. A user has a ...
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Is there a mechanism to ask for reopening a question closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

A question of mine was closed as a duplicate, and a question marked as duplicate states: This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question I'm pretty sure it hasn't been read ...
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Closed Question Seems to Have Nuance That Differs from Offered Duplicates [duplicate]

The following question was closed and marked as a duplicate: Position containers with cut of corners next to each other I was working on a solution with a code-snippet to find the question closed ...
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How can a dup-closed question be reopened? [duplicate]

Today there was a question in JavaScript tag, Difference between function f(){} and f = function(){} which is very similar to a canonical question var functionName = function() {} vs function ...
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Duplicate flagging [duplicate]

It seems that my questions on Stack Overflow are often immediately (I'm talking within thirty seconds here) flagged as duplicates. I've had three questions which have had that and I've deleted them ...
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Will Community review re-open votes by OP on Single-handedly closed question [duplicate]

Lets take an example of this question which was asked a day before. The question was frequently marked as duplicate by single hand. Actually the question was not duplicate, It was the case of two ...
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What to do with bad duplicate closings [duplicate]

For a while I've been seeing a trend where a question is closed as a duplicate where the questions have a rough amount of overlap, but aren't duplicates in the sense of the word. Take the question "...
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Undo flagging own question as duplicated [duplicate]

Stack Overflow prompted me with a question on one of my posts, asking if someone who commented linked something that helped me. It also said it was for my own records only. So I clicked yes, because ...
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Why my question was marked as duplicated? [duplicate]

I wrote this question that was marked as duplicated: could someone explain to me the reason since the post that was indicated to me as original does not solve my problem on java 9 and later?
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Reopening of a wrong duplicate question [duplicate]

I've been browsing SO and I found this question. The user clearly didn't know how to ask his question, and probably does not know how to find the actual problem, but I found out that this problem is ...
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