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On deleted questions it is not clear if you're meant to edit or ask a new question

To be clear, I am not asking about what to do when I see "This question already has answers here", I'm saying that the message you get when editing a closed deleted question seems to ...
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Question marked as duplicate - original questions answer incomplete

I recently found an odd behavior in the ASP.NET MVC 5 framework and posted a question about it. It was marked as a duplicate, which is true, my mistake. The reason I didn't realize it, was that the ...
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What should I do if it seems like a user is deliberately retaliating?

I recently asked a question, mentioning (in the very first version of the question) why a particular technique wasn't suitable. A user marked the question as a duplicate of another, which stated to ...
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Is it allowed to mark questions as duplicate by linking to questions which have some small hints to a possible solution in it?

I asked a question which was immediately marked as duplicate and closed. The "duplicate" is showing a hint on how the problem can possibly solved, but it is not a duplicate at all. It says I have to ...
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Someone else's question is incorrectly closed as a duplicate, but I don't have enough reputation to vote to reopen

I came across How to test private members and methods of classes? which is tagged c++. It was closed about 4 years ago as a duplicate of How do I test a class that has private methods, fields or inner ...
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What to do about this special dup: BASH script vs BASH include

Both questions ask whether we need Shebang (#!/bin/bash or #!/bin/sh) This is a proposed dup question about a BASH source (include) script Proper answer: Allowed, but professional answer is 'NO' This ...
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Should we handle badly phrased titles using closure or edit?

The question stems from this SO question. The question was closed as a duplicate. Although I disagree with the closure, I want to focus here on what me and the closer did agree about: the misleading ...
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Should it be ok to flag as duplicate because I think the answer on another question will answer perfectly? [duplicate]

I have seen quite a lot of questions flagged as "duplicate" that are actually different questions that may indeed be solved the same way. It looks like this: Q1: "My compiler raises ...
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False duplicate not getting reopened, want to self-answer [duplicate]

I asked a question, which was worded so that it got closed as a duplicate. Then I re-worded it to be more specific, and added my own current answer as a comment, and flagged for re-opening. Now it ...
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Can we get this question Unmarked as Duplicate? [duplicate]

UPDATE: Why this is not a duplicate of the indicated duplicate: Because the indicated duplicate is about how the Original Poster can fix the issue. In this case, we have a question that was posted ...
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