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Add a delay for closing / deleting questions

Today I experienced this question on SO get closed in 17 minutes as a duplicate. The part about what yield does is a duplicate, yes, but as I wrote in the comments there are other problems the OP ...
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How do I save my high-quality answer to a duplicate question?

I wrote a self-answered question that was labeled as duplicate. I don't agree with that, but my question is, how can I save my high-quality answer now? Duplicates are automatically deleted, aren't ...
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How can I post a question that doesn't cross the text limit but has an image that explains things better?

In the following question, and I made an effort to explain what I desired with a paragraph of text in addition to an image to illustrate the problem, but Stack Overflow asks me for more text. I have ...
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High-rep user removing OP text from question

I recently stumbled upon a question that was marked as duplicate, followed by the OP editing the question trying to explain why they think the question is not a duplicate. However the user who hammer-...
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No obvious way to reject the duplicate

About 10 years ago I posted a question to Stack Overflow. Recently, it was marked as a duplicate. The problem is that the question is not a duplicate of that other question. I'm being instructed to ...
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I have very few reputation points but disagree with a moderator tagging a question as duplicate

I don't have enough reputation to comment or to talk to the moderator on the chat, so I don't know what to do about this. A question I answered was marked as duplicate whereas there are differences ...
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Why did my question about CSS flexbox get closed?

A few days ago, my simple question about CSS Flexbox got closed because it was "a duplicate" of another question. Now that I am thinking about it, the answers to these questions could be ...
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Is it ok to reask someone's non-mcve question?

Suppose there is a question that is what I want to find now, while the answer looks OK but the question currently looks failed to be MCVE, eg: Timeline effect CSS only I think it has only small chance ...
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What is the appropriate action to take when something is seemingly wrongfully closed?

There is a question recently posted by a user at this url: parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-echo-t-echo-in-c-xampp-htdocs-welcome Which, after being open for a while, was closed as a duplicate (I ...
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What should we keep in mind when using the [reopen-closed] tag? [closed]

My closed question #1 on SO: How to slow down the scroll speed in Microsoft Edge using JavaScript? The reason it was closed was outright wrong IMO, so I posted on Meta: My JavaScript question was ...
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This PHP question was closed as a dupe of a very general question, and should be reopened

I request to reopen it. My question is not similar to the question it was closed as a duplicate of. There is no error message and telling a person how to show them does not provide even reasonable ...
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If a question has been flagged as a duplicate but is not really one, then how can an SO user communicate the same (other than comments)? [duplicate]

I came across a question from a newbie SO user (but not new to program or the platform) which had been flagged as a duplicate, but it was not really one. It had 2-3 downvotes. It has since been ...
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How to remove "This question may have an answer"?

This question is flagged as a potential duplicate. Referring to this answer I read this: When your question gets at least 1 vote or flag as a duplicate, the This question may already have an ...
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Duplicate question process is conceptually untenable [duplicate]

If a user asks a question and someone with a ton of rep comes along, thinking it's already been asked, they usually flag the question and close it. I don't know the exact stats on this but I would say ...
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Why was this post closed? The comments are not even relevant to the question [closed]

Why was this question closed (x-sendfile - mysql update query breaks it?)? (THE DUP ISN'T A DUP) The comments are not even relevant to the question. I never indicated that $member_id is an INT. Nor ...
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