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What should I do if the answers do not fully address all angles of the question?

I have read here: "This question may already have an answer here" - but it does not But the answer is addressing only when it is not a duplicate. My point is: I have read a question and ...
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Question says duplicate "already has an answer" but it doesn't

This question: has been flagged as a dupe, and the box says: This question has been asked ...
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Duplicate disagreement: parse JSONP in C# with

The question How to deal with malformed json response? NOT A DUPLICATE ! !? to my understanding asks about parsing JSONP and I've closed it as duplicate suggesting string-parsing workarounds. Original ...
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I've asked a poorly received question, what do I do now?

I've asked a question on Stack Overflow, and it wasn't received well. It got downvoted, closed, and perhaps even deleted. I want to improve this question and get answers to it, but I don't know why ...
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Moderators deleting my comments for no reason!

This was my question of Stack Overflow. As soon as I started the question, I commented: If you are downvoting my question then please tell the reason in comments, so that I can do my best to improve ...
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Roll back edited-in commentary about post not being duplicate

I came across this post which is just asking for a standard YAML feature called anchors and aliases. A question asked, and answered, on Stack Overflow before. So I voted to close it as a duplicate, as ...
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Should a question be closed as a duplicate of a more general question, when none of the answers to the broader question apply?

I recently asked a question regarding work-arounds to a limitation in a popular stylesheet language, which essentially boiled down to: How do I work around X limitation in this stylesheet language ...
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Is it compulsory to produce a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example?

I just now asked a JavaScript question and it's being downvoted for not being able to provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example. I am new to JavaScript and the .js file already contains ...
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Why was my reply deleted as "no longer needed"? I think it could stand alone

On my post here, the first comment by [deleted] suggested the post was a duplicate. I then responded why I think my post is not a duplicate. [deleted]: duplicate of Can't ping user because two ...
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Troubleshooting question wrongly closed as duplicate of "how to debug" reference post

See this question. A user have single handed without further notice closed the question with reference to this answer. But I fail to see how OP should get his question answered by that reference. OP ...
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I really don't know why this question is deleted?

I answer many questions and sometimes they are deleted because they are duplicates! It is ok! But this one here:
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Add a delay for closing / deleting questions

Today I experienced this question on SO get closed in 17 minutes as a duplicate. The part about what yield does is a duplicate, yes, but as I wrote in the comments there are other problems the OP ...
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How do I save my high-quality answer to a duplicate question?

I wrote a self-answered question that was labeled as duplicate. I don't agree with that, but my question is, how can I save my high-quality answer now? Duplicates are automatically deleted, aren't ...
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How can I post a question that doesn't cross the text limit but has an image that explains things better?

In the following question, and I made an effort to explain what I desired with a paragraph of text in addition to an image to illustrate the problem, but Stack Overflow asks me for more text. I have ...
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High-rep user removing OP text from question

I recently stumbled upon a question that was marked as duplicate, followed by the OP editing the question trying to explain why they think the question is not a duplicate. However the user who hammer-...
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