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Standards for marking questions as duplicates? [duplicate]

EDIT: It's ironic that this question itself got marked as a duplicate... and understandably so because in this case I suppose I didn't make it clear that the title was in fact the question of the ...
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Should I do anything about very wrong closures? [duplicate]

A user single-handedly (I didn't know that was even possible) closed Sanitize all scripts from html string as a duplicate of Escaping HTML strings with jQuery. Even by merely reading the titles, ...
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"This question already has an answer here:" but it is incorrect [duplicate]

How can I search for two things in a text file that both are optional but you must need at least one of them? has been closed as duplicate of How to check if a String contains any of some strings. The ...
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Is this question correctly closed as a duplicate? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: "Cannot open include file corecrt.h" on a fresh Visual Studio 2017 installation The supposed duplicate of my question can definitely seem ...
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Question was made a duplicate for reasons that do no longer exist. Can the duplicate be withdrawn? [duplicate]

At the time of marking it as a duplicate, the other question had an answer that indirectly answered this question as well. That was already not a clear duplicate, though. And then, the accepted answer ...
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What's best practice for asking a nearly-identical question, but with a critical difference? [duplicate]

I posted this question about a specific use-case of Jenkins Pipelines. I'd found a similar question whose advice is out of date, as the answer deals with a now-deprecated function, and linked it ...
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There should be a mechanism to explain why a question is not a duplicate so that it can be re-moderated [duplicate]

Sometimes a question is marked as duplicate even though it isn't, where the different is subtle but very significant. Unfortunately such a question can quickly be flagged as duplicate and it's game ...
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Question closed as a duplicate although it isn't [duplicate]

My question has been closed for being a duplicate of this, where it isn't. The original question is all about deserializing different values from JSON into a concrete type and mine about ...
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When not the author, how do I handle a incorrectly marked duplicate question [duplicate]

I have a question I noticed from someone else. Reactive Command thread error when accessing variable The question was marked as a duplicate, with people lodging answers with standard WPF based ...
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Why is this a duplicate? [duplicate]

Why is Import JavaScript without risk marked as a duplicate? I'm not saying it isn't. I just don't understand why (As I explained in the edit). EDIT OK. That solved my problem! - accepting that ...
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Would it be better to provide an explanation when closing questions as duplicates? [duplicate]

My question is closed as a duplicate, with no explanation. The linked answers did not help me solve the problem. In my experience, too many questions are simply dismissed as duplicates. In this case, ...
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Specific and different question marked as duplicate [duplicate]

Many discussions about duplicate question are found here. I'm not trying to show off or to blame anyone. I just want to know if everything goes fine, fair and clear (objectively). What I need is to ...
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Can I ask for a rebuttal on a question marked as duplicate [duplicate]

My question was marked as a duplicate by Community: Efficiently reading only some columns from parquet file on blob storage I can understand why, but I think my flavor of the question (and especially ...
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What to do about invalid "duplicate" [duplicate]

This question was closed as a dupe of this question. But the first is asking how to do shift-subtract division while the second wants to know how to compute a remainder without using %. How can the ...
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After answer; question were marked as duplicate but doesn't solve the original question [duplicate]

After answering this question, Remove an element from the forced width that the parent container is applying to the element, it later became marked as a duplicate. As some requirements were different,...
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