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What can I do if I believe that my question was wrongly marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This is a question that I have in mind: My question : Find nth smallest element in numpy array I tried to present my case in comments, but to no avail, are there other mechanisms to get my question ...
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Understanding why my question was closed so I can ask better questions in the future [duplicate]

I asked a question here: Traversing over dictionary using variable number of keys It was closed within two minutes by a user with the gold badge for closing duplicates. The question demonstrates ...
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Appropriate response to questionable question closure [duplicate]

I recently answered a question and then that question was closed as duplicate of the usual canonical "null pointer exception" questions and my answer was downvoted. As far as I am concerned, ...
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Why was this particular question closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Not what others asked in SO before. It's new This is my second question. I asked my first question here. But that question was closed quoting that my ...
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What constitutes a duplicate closure [duplicate]

I checked the front page of c++ threads and I worked out two problems. Each time I did and tried to submit my work the question s were closed.also, in both cases they were closed about the time I ...
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My first question flagged as duplicate even though it isn't duplicate [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a way to round a Pearson coefficient to a set number of decimal places? I asked this as my first question having searched and searched for a ...
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I'd like to discuss about re-opening my question, as I do not find it to be a duplicate [duplicate]

Earlier this morning, I posted a question that I genuinely felt was not a duplicate in any way, shape, or form. However, it was downvoted and closed by a single user who felt that it was, and I wanted ...
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Why was my question marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This question of mine was unilaterally marked as a duplicate of this question by a python gold badge holder almost immediately after I asked it. However, all of the answers in the question that it was ...
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Wrongly dup-marked question single handedly [duplicate]

Very shortly after LavX64 (a user who's pretty new to this site - 16 rep) asked this question, the user πάντα ῥεῖ single handedly marked the question as a duplicate. Two problems now: The marked ...
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Close question as duplicate even when the duplicate did not solve OP issue [duplicate]

I usually run into questions that is a duplicate of another question where OPS linked the duplicate question in that question but clearly mentioned in the question that none of the answers from the ...
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" If these questions don’t resolve your question, ask a new one. " [duplicate]

Here: Yet another Ajax POST to PHP: $_POST is empty I said I've already read other questions and they didn't solve my problem. Hence I asked a new question linking the relevant questions I read. ...
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What takes precedence: rules or purpose? [duplicate]

Stackoverflow, as a social media approach to information gathering, has classic struggles with signal to noise issues. In such systems "checks and balances" tend to work best. S.O. moderators have a ...
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What if none of the answers in a potential duplicate question work? [duplicate]

TLDR: In general, if all the answers are not working, should the question asker comment on it or ask a new question? What should we do if they comment on it and there isn't any response? I asked a ...
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How to oppose questions marked as duplicate [duplicate]

Since most people are lemmings, it often only takes 1 duplicate flag for a question to be closed as duplicate. (even if the so called duplicate does not even get close to answering the question). ...
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Is there a way to mark a question as not being a duplicate? [duplicate]

So I was writing an answer to this question explaining where identifiers can be re-declared and I click post but nothing happens - turns out someone marked the question as duplicate. I don't think ...
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