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Is it compulsory to produce a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example?

I just now asked a JavaScript question and it's being downvoted for not being able to provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example. I am new to JavaScript and the .js file already contains ...
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There should be a mechanism to explain why a question is not a duplicate so that it can be re-moderated [duplicate]

Sometimes a question is marked as duplicate even though it isn't, where the different is subtle but very significant. Unfortunately such a question can quickly be flagged as duplicate and it's game ...
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What is the appropriate action to take when something is seemingly wrongfully closed?

There is a question recently posted by a user at this url: parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-echo-t-echo-in-c-xampp-htdocs-welcome Which, after being open for a while, was closed as a duplicate (I ...
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Roll back edited-in commentary about post not being duplicate

I came across this post which is just asking for a standard YAML feature called anchors and aliases. A question asked, and answered, on Stack Overflow before. So I voted to close it as a duplicate, as ...
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I really don't know why this question is deleted?

I answer many questions and sometimes they are deleted because they are duplicates! It is ok! But this one here:
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Can I report if a question is marked as duplicate, but actually it is not? [duplicate]

This question is marked as a duplicate. But the questioner does not know that was the answer. So is the question marked as duplicate correct? Also, if I feel that the marked flag for that question ...
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What's best practice for asking a nearly-identical question, but with a critical difference? [duplicate]

I posted this question about a specific use-case of Jenkins Pipelines. I'd found a similar question whose advice is out of date, as the answer deals with a now-deprecated function, and linked it ...
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What should I do if the answers do not fully address all angles of the question?

I have read here: "This question may already have an answer here" - but it does not But the answer is addressing only when it is not a duplicate. My point is: I have read a question and ...
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Do suggested duplicate links ever disappear for the OP when there are close votes? [duplicate]

So I asked this question on meta, someone got the wrong end of the stick and it got a few duplicate close votes, at which point I as the OP start to see this dialog: I checked it and saw that it was ...
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Wrongly dup-marked question single handedly [duplicate]

Very shortly after LavX64 (a user who's pretty new to this site - 16 rep) asked this question, the user πάντα ῥεῖ single handedly marked the question as a duplicate. Two problems now: The marked ...
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Troubleshooting question wrongly closed as duplicate of "how to debug" reference post

See this question. A user have single handed without further notice closed the question with reference to this answer. But I fail to see how OP should get his question answered by that reference. OP ...
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"Duplicate" partially answers question. - Is it really a duplicate? [duplicate]

I recently was having with something in Android and I solved it after tough research. So I thought I'd ask the question and give a user a chance to answer the question himself for him to gain ...
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Is there a mechanism to ask for reopening a question closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

A question of mine was closed as a duplicate, and a question marked as duplicate states: This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question I'm pretty sure it hasn't been read ...
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How can I get this question that's been dup hammered re-opened? [duplicate]

The question Why does strcmp give back non-deterministic results when called with 2 equivalent styles on GCC on Linux and in Cygwin (N.B. not my question) was recently closed as a duplicate of strcmp()...
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Is it appropriate to close questions on Meta in which users ask why their question is marked as duplicate?

As I see, it is quite frequent to see some users asking a new question on Meta about why their question has been marked as duplicate (e.g., this and this), and most of them get closed as a duplicate ...

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