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Why my question was marked as duplicated? [duplicate]

I wrote this question that was marked as duplicated: could someone explain to me the reason since the post that was indicated to me as original does not solve my problem on java 9 and later?
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What constitutes a duplicate closure [duplicate]

I checked the front page of c++ threads and I worked out two problems. Each time I did and tried to submit my work the question s were closed.also, in both cases they were closed about the time I ...
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My first question flagged as duplicate even though it isn't duplicate [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a way to round a Pearson coefficient to a set number of decimal places? I asked this as my first question having searched and searched for a ...
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Undo flagging own question as duplicated [duplicate]

Stack Overflow prompted me with a question on one of my posts, asking if someone who commented linked something that helped me. It also said it was for my own records only. So I clicked yes, because ...
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" If these questions don’t resolve your question, ask a new one. " [duplicate]

Here: Yet another Ajax POST to PHP: $_POST is empty I said I've already read other questions and they didn't solve my problem. Hence I asked a new question linking the relevant questions I read. ...
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Closed Question Seems to Have Nuance That Differs from Offered Duplicates [duplicate]

The following question was closed and marked as a duplicate: Position containers with cut of corners next to each other I was working on a solution with a code-snippet to find the question closed ...
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Why was this post closed? The comments are not even relevant to the question [closed]

Why was this question closed (x-sendfile - mysql update query breaks it?)? (THE DUP ISN'T A DUP) The comments are not even relevant to the question. I never indicated that $member_id is an INT. Nor ...
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Should we handle badly phrased titles using closure or edit?

The question stems from this SO question. The question was closed as a duplicate. Although I disagree with the closure, I want to focus here on what me and the closer did agree about: the misleading ...
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Duplicate question process is conceptually untenable [duplicate]

If a user asks a question and someone with a ton of rep comes along, thinking it's already been asked, they usually flag the question and close it. I don't know the exact stats on this but I would say ...
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Can I ask for a rebuttal on a question marked as duplicate [duplicate]

My question was marked as a duplicate by Community: Efficiently reading only some columns from parquet file on blob storage I can understand why, but I think my flavor of the question (and especially ...
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New Post Notices (Closed/On Hold/etc.) rolling out on Stack Overflow

Today, we are rolling out a major redesign of Post Notices (the banners displaying the reason why a question is "Closed" or "On Hold") on Stack Overflow. For our purposes, a "post notice" includes ...
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How to remove "This question may have an answer"?

This question is flagged as a potential duplicate. Referring to this answer I read this: When your question gets at least 1 vote or flag as a duplicate, the This question may already have an ...
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What should I do if it seems like a user is deliberately retaliating?

I recently asked a question, mentioning (in the very first version of the question) why a particular technique wasn't suitable. A user marked the question as a duplicate of another, which stated to ...
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Is it allowed to mark questions as duplicate by linking to questions which have some small hints to a possible solution in it?

I asked a question which was immediately marked as duplicate and closed. The "duplicate" is showing a hint on how the problem can possibly solved, but it is not a duplicate at all. It says I have to ...
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I've asked a poorly received question, what do I do now?

I've asked a question on Stack Overflow, and it wasn't received well. It got downvoted, closed, and perhaps even deleted. I want to improve this question and get answers to it, but I don't know why ...

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