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What category do I use to reject an edit that transcribes an image?

Someone is suggesting an edit to this question, Why Is that when i write "game" into my script it becomes red and doesn't make the script work how do i fix?, where they are transcribing ...
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I worry that ChatGPT answers could currently be too tricky for use in review audits

I just got Late Answers Queue review item #33495800, which used a now-deleted ChatGPT-generated answer, a/11107541 as a review audit. Since it was an audit, comments were hidden. There was a comment ...
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The Low quality answers queue, I use "Looks good" for attempts that are incorrect? [duplicate]

It would help me to know what I should have chosen (Looks Ok or Recommend Deletion) assuming I chose to not skip nor edit these two posts: This is first example I’d choose looks ok, but chose skip. It ...
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Reviewer overboard! Or a request to improve the onboarding guidance for new reviewers in the suggested edits queue

Given the number of bad reviews in the Suggested Edits review queue (the problem that has been plaguing the queue since its inception, worsened these days by the queue being close to the threshold of ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on a question that has multiple questions

I got suspended from reviewing because of this review: I marked it as "Needs author edit" because it has multiple problems/questions in it. ...
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What is the right way to respond to this Triage review item?

I was going through the triage review queue, and I stumbled upon this review: The system already marked it as possible spam. I was going to put a Blatantly Off Topic flag on it, but it is (kind of?) ...
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First Answers Review Suspension because of plagiarized answers

IMHO, it is quite difficult to do First Answers reviews on a daily basis without getting suspended after a few days. For sure, not all of my reviews were correct and some of the failures and ...
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Is my Review privileges suspension justified

I got my Review privileges suspended just now because of 4 rejected Suggested edits reviews by a moderator. These are rejected review references:
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Audit that doesn't have full error message as text

I failed this audit but if I understand the reviewing guidelines correctly the post "Needs debugging details" because a part of the error message is only included as an image and not as text....
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Banned from review queues for a non-question (in my eyes) [duplicate]

I have been banned on this question: (the audit preview might be misleading since the question has been edited, see the 3rd revision of the ...
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Why did I fail this review in the 'First questions' queue?

I have a question about this review in the First questions queue. I downvoted and clicked 'other action', but it was an audit and I failed. I don't know why, because the question is closed and I think ...
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Two suggested edits rejected because they don’t improve post quality—but they do

I suggested two edits: Plugin Bungeecord for chat prefix Can I make the inventory to be updated when clicking the item in another GUI, individually? Both suggestions were declined. That was a fear ...
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Should I find the creator of every library that is shared by SO users in the review?

I have just been suspended from review because these Low quality posts audits: 12 September: #29787451 (screenshot) 3 October: #29979584 (screenshot) In my opinion, both answers are "Looks OK&...
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How are audits created for review queues? (Complaint about one specific case)

I'm currently working on the reviews of the Re-open cases. I stumbled upon this question. The question basically says: I have an error with some code, and here is the code. The question was closed ...
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Was I right to reject this edit? [duplicate]

I am quite new to the edit review queue and am keen to make sure I make the right decision on whether to accept or reject an edit. I rejected this edit since it basically does nothing to improve what ...
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