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Was I right to reject this edit? [duplicate]

I am quite new to the edit review queue and am keen to make sure I make the right decision on whether to accept or reject an edit. I rejected this edit since it basically does nothing to improve what ...
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Is there any penalty for skipping too many edits? [duplicate]

Sometimes I am just lazy to evaluate the more lengthy edits, especially when they concern topics I am not familiar with. I guess this is probably okay but a confirmation would be great.
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Is it reasonable that I'm asked to triage/review posts on subjects I know nothing about? [duplicate]

I don't do a whole lot of reviewing work on Stack Overflow (I mostly answer, edit and comment). I was just checking out the triage queue and noticed I keep getting questions about PHP, Python, and ...
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What is best to do when you are not sure about a Review? [duplicate]

I was confronted lately to few FirstPost/Late Answer Reviews reviews where the reaction to take was not obvious. After pondering between flagging or not, and I finally went for a No Action Needed ...
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Incorrectly picked post for audit on low quality queue? [duplicate]

Just failed an audit on the "Low Quality Post" queue for an answer that looks ok and it is in no way "abusive nonsense, noise, spam, blatantly off-topic or otherwise irredeemable" as the audit message ...
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How to review a short answer that correctly answers a question [duplicate]

I often don't know how to review a short answer because the audits often show that they are of low quality. If a very brief answer does help someone to solve their problem and is correct should I mark ...
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Should I close a question if I have limited knowledge of that domain? [duplicate]

While reviewing close votes in review queue, this post appeared to me for review. This question linked above has python and scrapy tags added to it. Truly speaking, I don't have any experience or ...
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What to do without required knowledge? [duplicate]

I am really new to review. I now found this suggested edit: where an accepted answer from twenty months ago, with +120, got corrected as "...
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Can audits be skipped? [duplicate]

When reviewing you sometimes get an item in which you are in doubt whether it is good or not, so you can skip the review and let others who are more qualified judge the item. Sometimes with an audit ...
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How to review Triage questions in unfamiliar languages? [duplicate]

The Triage queue often includes questions that lack code, MCVE or indication of effort to solve the problem. To me, such a question is unsalvageable regardless of (un)familiarity with the language. ...
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How should I know why this specific answer is spam? [duplicate]

In Low Quality Posts Review, I was presented with following audit: I read the answer and choose Looks Ok. I failed this audit. The link ...
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Almost-code-only answers in VLQ review [duplicate]

There are a lot of answers that come through the VLQ review queue that are either code-only or "almost-code-only". Here's one that came up as an audit (which I failed):
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In First Posts, should I upvote a good-looking, well-explained answer even if I can't judge its accuracy? [duplicate]

Sometimes when reviewing First Answers I'm not sure if I should upvote the answer based solely on its structure or also on its correctness. For example, I was reviewing some First Posts today and ...
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Skip or I'm Done after substantially improving a question that probably still needs more work? [duplicate]

Oftentimes in FP I'll run across a question that is in terrible shape: mistagged, filled with bad English, and with the most vague title possible. I then whip it into shape with a suggested edit and ...
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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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How does the Triage review queue work?

I recently got the privilege to review questions in Triage, and I'm pretty sure I'm already doing it wrong. I've read some of the Q&A about the Triage review queue here on Meta, but I was ...
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More effective closing / downvoting of junk questions to help with the signal-noise ratio?

Signal vs Noise I find that when a question warrants a close vote, it usually violates a number of rules, sometimes a majority of the rules, and it is hard to decide which is the most appropriate. ...
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You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue

If you're reviewing low quality posts, I'd like you to read this. All of it. Not skim it, not just vote up/down with everyone else. In exchange, I'll keep it short. Or if you are too busy, here you go:...
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Reviewer overboard! Or a request to improve the onboarding guidance for new reviewers in the suggested edits queue

Given the number of bad reviews in the Suggested Edits review queue (the problem that has been plaguing the queue since its inception, worsened these days by the queue being close to the threshold of ...
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Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, really

I've been spending a lot of time in the close vote queue. I feel that there is a problem with the tools available to me there or in the triage queue. As a syllogism, er, wait, I have three premises: ...
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What can we do about fastest gun in the west answers that dump out garbage, and then plagiarize existing duplicates?

I just had the misfortune of trying to make SO a little better by tidying up this question with my dupehammer. It was a clear duplicate - the OP states that they want the "total of all characters" ...
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Danger of using "Too Broad" as a catch-all default for closing offtopic posts?

I've realized that I've gotten into the habit of just using "Too Broad" as my default close reason when a post is offtopic for reasons not covered by other categories, and I don't have the time/will ...
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Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action

tl;dr: It's time to stop letting people add stolen content to our site's tag wikis. Reviewers are letting this through, so let's start with the reviewers. These users are reviewing incorrectly and ...
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What is the best Triage response for give me teh codez questions?

Note re possible duplicate: I had already commented that I can and do skip many reviews. However 'pressing skip' can't be the complete answer to 'what should a conscientious reviewer do in situation ...
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Enough fuzzying: let's let everything into the close queue and age out questions that don't reach a threshold

We've just about hit equilibrium here: Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers The number of questions in the queue is falling slowly, but I don't think ...
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First Answers Review Suspension because of plagiarized answers

IMHO, it is quite difficult to do First Answers reviews on a daily basis without getting suspended after a few days. For sure, not all of my reviews were correct and some of the failures and ...
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Does this answer contain spam?

I failed this audit. The system said the answer was spam. Can somebody explain why this answer was deleted as spam? I'm not familiar with awk, cut, or sed, but their tag info looks suitable for POSIX ...
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How do we give constructive criticism to new users who have only very probably mindlessly turned to Stack Overflow?

Freshly past 500, I thought I'd check out my review privileges and promptly encountered this First Post:
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I worry that ChatGPT answers could currently be too tricky for use in review audits

I just got Late Answers Queue review item #33495800, which used a now-deleted ChatGPT-generated answer, a/11107541 as a review audit. Since it was an audit, comments were hidden. There was a comment ...
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"You approved edits on something that clearly wasn't an answer"

I went in to review just now to get the warning: You approved edits on something that clearly wasn't an answer Come back in 2 days to continue reviewing. The warning had a link to this edit that I ...
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