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What is the right way to respond to this Triage review item?

I was going through the triage review queue, and I stumbled upon this review: The system already marked it as possible spam. I was going to put a Blatantly Off Topic flag on it, but it is (kind of?) ...
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How can I review questions and answers properly? [duplicate]

In the review queues there are many questions and answers that are not related to my tags, so I am not able to properly review those posts. In these cases how can I review them in the proper manner? ...
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What made this a low quality answer? [duplicate]

I am still relatively new to Low Quality Post reviews, and I got hit on this audit question, but I don't understand why. I am definitely not familiar with google-bigquery, but this answer appeared to ...
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How do you review close votes for recently-asked questions? [duplicate]

I recently earned enough reputation to review close votes. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see many resources for learning how to review close votes. So far this page is all I have to go on ...
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"Review Triage" screen should contain link to page which defines what a good question is and what is offtopic [duplicate]

It would be very convenient for moderator to have questions guide at one click distance. Also different StackExchange sites have different recommended question topics. E.g. StackOverflow's "Review ...
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Deletion of reasonable link-containing answers / disputed audit [duplicate]

Ever since I came back from my short-term review ban, I was paying extra attention to what and how to review. Whenever unsure, I could hit Skip for several times in a row, as wise people prescribe, ...
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Dear Meta, why are you sacralizing** all answers?

This is a critic for all meta users that for some reason or other rejects the notion that "code" in answers can be edited to make improvements or small fixes that keeps them up-to-date. TL;dr: can we ...
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