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Am I qualified to review these posts?

So, I've been through the Review queue a few times and I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable about whether I've done the right thing. Sure, I know how to check for a MCV question but sometimes there are ...
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Advice on how to handle "one line" answers [duplicate]

The last time I noticed that I fell multiple times through an audit because I accepted an "one line" answer which wasn't an answer. (I totally agree with this) So I get a little bit confused because ...
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Appeal of Review Audit Failure

I have attached an image of a recent review audit which I was told I had failed. Albeit brief, it seems like the answer directly addresses the question that was asked. Would anyone mind providing ...
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Wrong spam classification + stop/look/listen + temporary ban from reviews

Please note that I am not complaining, but rather, that I am reporting (if anyone cares) an incident that I consider to be a malfunction rather than a sound decision from the system. While reviewing ...
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Specific hard-to-review question

tl;dr There was a question in triage with very high disagreement among the reviewers. Related meta questions The most relevant I could find was Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, ...
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Answer with untested code

During a review of a First Post, I got the following answer on this question to review : It is the "I don't know if this would work though" that makes me feel uncomfortable. There has been asked a ...
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Reviewer doesn't know language of q/a, evaluates quality of answer; fails audit [duplicate]

Before I show the audit, I'm going to put a little example. Let's say a question is posted asking to print something on the screen using C. I answer: To print something on the screen using C, use ...
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Can we be more consistent about handling NAA/VLQ flags?

Edit: I disagree that my question is a duplicate of this one; I am asking about the discrepancy between audits that require action and can be passed by flagging for NAA (or even VLQ) and "real" ...
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Failed audit due to Looks Ok

I recently failed an audit (linked here). I feel this is unfair because I did go click the link and went to go downvote it, which would have been my action to take. When I clicked the link to the ...
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Is this a valid closed question and audit test case?

This question is being presented as an audit. The OP: Gives the code being used, and The inputs used, and The actual output, and The desired output. Despite this it has been closed as unclear and it ...
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Poor review audit question

This review item in the close votes queue: appears to belong on Super User as it is about the use of SSH on a command line ...
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Correcting code in questions via an edit [duplicate]

Quite often, I'll see edits that correct the code in a question, e.g. While the correction may be right, the original incorrect code may be ...
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Implement the ability to retract approval of an edit [duplicate]

Sometimes I click the wrong thing. Sometimes I change my mind. We can retract upvotes, downvotes, comment votes, close votes, flags, comments, questions, and answers. I'd also like the ability to ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on a question that has multiple questions

I got suspended from reviewing because of this review: I marked it as "Needs author edit" because it has multiple problems/questions in it. ...
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Banned from review queues for a non-question (in my eyes) [duplicate]

I have been banned on this question: (the audit preview might be misleading since the question has been edited, see the 3rd revision of the ...
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