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Why is this considered spam or offensive? [duplicate]

I failed an audit but I don't see why. ...It is abusive nonsense, noise, spam, blatantly off-topic or otherwise irredeemable – readers will find it offensive or repulsive rather than helpful. ...
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Reward slow/careful edit reviews

It is clear that a lot of careful reviewers have stopped doing edit reviews. I often see statements on meta like: I barely get a vote because by the time at which I decided whether or not I can ...
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Gap between moderation theory and practice for link-only answer deletion

Are reviewers currently too harsh in votes to delete link-only answers? Theory I'm aware this has been a topic for debate for a long time, from Your answer is in another castle through FAQ and a bunch ...
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Is this question about an error in an IDE really good enough to be a review audit?

I was given an audit in Triage review today. I thought it over and decided it was debugging help. The question showed an error occurring while running an application; there was no code. I don't ...
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Banned for a month from reviewing because of one mistake [duplicate]

I was in the flow of reviewing posts and have just had this today: Your review on triage/26473900 wasn't helpful. The "Requires Editing" option should only be used when other community ...
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Disputing a failed review from 2 days ago

Update: My flag was marked as "helpful" and the question is closed as too broad (by mod @Matt, who I assume also marked the flag as helpful). Yet the review ban wasn't lifted. Aren't the two supposed ...
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Review audit and guidelines

Yesterday I was feeling for trying to go through the Low Quality post queue. After recommending deletion for quite a few posts I stumbled upon this
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Low Quality Post Review Queue Options [duplicate]

I recently gained access to the Low Quality Posts Review Queue. I was reviewing an answer, and the answer seemed like it was a good answer. Then I read the comments, and the person who posted the ...
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Don't show reviews I skipped in my history [closed]

Before today, and the new review queue, I had 7 pages of total documentation activity. That was only 12 hours ago. I now have OVER TWENTY pages. Here's why: WAIT! Before you reach for your ...
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Why was I wrong choosing "Looks OK" for this triage review for a question about PHP and XSS?

I am quite confused about The original question was terse but clear. The poster even gave two potential solutions and their downsides, and asked if ...
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Vote to close on topics we are not familiar with?

Is it fair to vote to close on topics we are not familiar with? Example: This post tagged as silverlight windows-phone-8, I don't know much about. Still from how the question is formulated, I can vote ...
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Bad review audit: Workaround for a problem with Zeppelin 0.7.3 [duplicate]

I do not think this review audit should be an audit. The top comment, that it should have been a comment may be right, but lets look at the answer: The answer contains a workaround, including the ...
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Incomprehensible audit in Low Quality Posts [duplicate]

In the Low Quality Posts queue, I have failed this review audit. The short version of question and answer: Q: I wan't some tool for doing something. A: You can use the Some magic tool. I have ...
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Is this answer really of very poor quality in Late Answers review audit?

The screenshot below is from an answer from the Late Answers Review Queue audit that I failed to pass. (This is my first fail ever, after some 500+ reviews and I take this seriously.) The answer is ...
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How is this a bad answer? [duplicate]

Question for the audit and Screenshot for the <10k Almost all necessary information, clear guidance, valid links for extended info, ...
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