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Bad review audit: Downvote on C++ answer to object orientation

I got this review audit and downvoted it. Not because of its quality, but because I did not agree with the answer (I may be wrong, looking at the number of upvotes). I do not think this should be an ...
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Edit that corrects a broken piece of code is rejected, while another one suggesting adding a single 'space' is approved?

I recently edited an answer in which I corrected the usage of csrf_token in Django's template, but my edit was rejected, although the original answer didn't use the correct syntax: All three comments ...
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Is a good looking question enough reason to flag it as "Looks OK" In triage

I have recently gained access to reviewing Triage and the other 500 rep queues. I've been doing quite a few in the last 3 days as a result of that. Now the point of triage is to determine wether a ...
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Unable to see review queues, but not sure if I was banned [duplicate]

I'm unable to see any review queues, but didn't fail any audits that I'm aware of. Following the link in the picture: Doesn't provide any ...
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How to judge one liners without knowledge of that area?

While doing reviews, many times I come across questions/answers like this which looks like a one liner not making much sense to me since I don't understand the intricacies of Android development and ...
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Why did I fail this review in the 'First questions' queue?

I have a question about this review in the First questions queue. I downvoted and clicked 'other action', but it was an audit and I failed. I don't know why, because the question is closed and I think ...
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Code only answers in the LQPQ that are wrong [duplicate]

So, I came upon a situation I feel is a bit weird, hence I want to ask for clarification. The Low Quality Post queue gave me this answer to review. By coincidence, I had already seen it about an hour ...
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Team up with Moderators

Case: I have voted to close this as duplicate before two month. Since no other user seconded my vote, the vote is automatically retracted and I can't vote again. I flagged it a Moderator that should ...
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Late answer already flagged as "Not an answer" [duplicate]

Just failed this audit I have flagged this as "not an answer" already but came up as an audit, so I ticked "No Action Needed" (as it was flagged ...
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Review tests of very poor quality [duplicate]

Just failed a review test and I really don't like to argue about the process in general. But there are cases when this process simply fails. Review test: What does void do in java? Answer to review:...
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How are audits created for review queues? (Complaint about one specific case)

I'm currently working on the reviews of the Re-open cases. I stumbled upon this question. The question basically says: I have an error with some code, and here is the code. The question was closed ...
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Review Audit failed - is this really unclear?

I just failed this Review audit. The question was closed as "unclear what you're asking". However, I don't understand why. The question doesn't look that bad to me. The op provides some code and asks ...
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"Requires editing" button in first post review?

While doing first post reviews, I felt on a question that would have been good, but clearly requires editing (but there is no "Requires editing" button in first posts review). I don't consider myself ...
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Do reviewers need to be domain experts? [duplicate]

I just got this audit: And since I apparently have failed it, now I have a 7-day ban. I'm not complaining that there is a 7-day ban; I ...
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Situation of deletion up to come [duplicate]

I'm quite new to Stack Overflow, and whatever the quality (high or low) of the question, I noticed frequent deletions of questions once a satisfying answer is given (not only in threads I've been ...
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