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Focusing on reviewing/moderation in areas in which I'm not clueless

When I (not frequently enough I'm sure) try to do some moderation/review work, I'm mostly given questions/answers on subject about which I know very little, or absolutely nothing. Now, sometimes I ...
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Why was this answer audit low-quality?

I just failed an audit when reviewing and I don't see why this answer is low quality. It had 2 downvotes (probably because the answer was wrong), but I don't see what was wrong with the answer. I ...
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Not clear why 'needs author edit' was not correct for a question in triage with no code

I encountered the following triage audit: What I did I looked into the text and searched for a question. It was there. Passed. How was the question ...
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Audit that doesn't have full error message as text

I failed this audit but if I understand the reviewing guidelines correctly the post "Needs debugging details" because a part of the error message is only included as an image and not as text....
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Should one skip or flag if they suspect either plagiarism or audit question?

Background So, I was evaluating a ‘First Answer’ on SO. The answer looked acceptable (rather good, in fact). But when I checked the link to the post and I noticed that the post had an identical answer ...
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Why is this answer considered "very poor quality"? [duplicate]

In reviewing first posts, I failed an audit which suggests that this answer is of very low quality (I marked it as no action needed). I feel that, while it is not necessarily a great answer, it does ...
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Is this answer "offensive or repulsive"

I just failed an audit, being told that "readers will find it offensive or repulsive rather than helpful." As someone with a very low tolerance for offensive and/or repulsive posts, I was a bit ...
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Feedback on audit

I recently failed this audit in the Low Quality Posts queue. I'm wondering if I handled this incorrectly or if it is just a bad audit. ...
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What category do I use to reject an edit that transcribes an image?

Someone is suggesting an edit to this question, Why Is that when i write "game" into my script it becomes red and doesn't make the script work how do i fix?, where they are transcribing ...
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Is my Review privileges suspension justified

I got my Review privileges suspended just now because of 4 rejected Suggested edits reviews by a moderator. These are rejected review references:
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Review audit / moderation inconsistency

Recently I appear to have deserved a review ban, having failed multiple audits and, perhaps, making inappropriate decisions about posts. I take it. It's been few months that I've been granted ...
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Reviewing my Low Quality Posts Reviews

I recently gained access to the Low Quality Posts (LQP) queue. Now that I've reviewed nearly 100 answers, I decided to go back and audit my reviews to make sure I am maintaining a good track record. ...
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What's rude, abusive or spam about this answer? [closed]

Today as I was reviewing a few low quality posts I came across one where I got this message: STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn'...
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Is this disrespectfully terse answer delete-worthy in LQP?

I was reviewing Low Quality Posts and I've received the following answer (posted here): I don't want to judge on technical inaccuracies as it's not the topic of LQP, I wouldn't feel respected with ...
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If I got two-day review suspension sometime back, the next ban of 7 days is applying after a single mistake? [duplicate]

I was previously got banned for two days from reviewing for passing a link only answer as "no action needed". After that, I had many days of carefully reviewing and only today I did a single mistake ...
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