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Can I "abuse" the skip button in the review queues?

I know there is a problem of people skipping too rarely, but is it possible to skip too often? Sometimes while doing review queues I am really not motivated enough to invest a ton of work into ...
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Close voters call to arms: let's make this September welcoming

"It is September once again... and once again students are asking their homework problems..." How about we help site newcomers learn to properly ask questions by spending few minutes in review queue ...
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Don't allow suggested edits to be "finished" while someone has clicked "improve"

If someone has clicked "improve" in the suggested edits queue, it should not be possible for the suggested edit to be approved until the person who's clicked improve has finished. Inspiration for ...
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Close queue audit reviews damn you too quickly

The Close queue audit reviews damn you too quickly. I have just failed yet another of the audits because, as usual, I want to see what the hell people are doing with their close votes before I decide ...
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What to do with questions where the author inserted gibberish to bypass the minimum length check?

I came across this question while going through the triage review queue. The question body was quite large, however almost all of it was code. The question itself was a couple of sentences long. What ...
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Banned for failing to recognize/check for plagiarism, 1st time... Draconian? [duplicate]

Today I came to review and I was informed I've been kicked off for the review queues for awhile for this: However, to lose full review queue ...
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Reminding people to pay attention and use skip when reviewing

This is a recurring issue on the site: 2014 There is no shame in using "Skip" Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2 Are we supposed to flag bad reviews? ...
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Remove Haskell questions from review audits

Can we please not use haskell questions for review audits, at least in the close and reopen vote queues? Audits with the Haskell tag have caused a lot of disagreement over the years. Here are some ...
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How to review helpful+harmful suggested edits

Sometimes I encounter suggested edits that make grammatical improvements while also introducing grammatical errors. I'm never quite sure how to proceed with those. I'm going to pick either "Improve ...
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Failed and banned for user who answered the question correctly?

Related: How should I get started reviewing Late Answers and First Posts? It seems I've failed the audit of user who answered the question correctly. The answer was: I also get an exclamation mark ...
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Two suggested edits rejected because they don’t improve post quality—but they do

I suggested two edits: Plugin Bungeecord for chat prefix Can I make the inventory to be updated when clicking the item in another GUI, individually? Both suggestions were declined. That was a fear ...
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Is it ever useful to close as duplicate if you think question deserves downvote?

For a question that is on-topic, a duplicate, and from your point of view does not show research effort or is not useful (the kind of question discussed in Downvote duplicate question?), what action ...
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Is technical correctness check expected during Late Answer reviews? [duplicate]

My understanding is that reviewing answers doesn't require verification from the technical correctness perspective - that's what votes are for. However this appears (to me at least) to be ...
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Should I find the creator of every library that is shared by SO users in the review?

I have just been suspended from review because these Low quality posts audits: 12 September: #29787451 (screenshot) 3 October: #29979584 (screenshot) In my opinion, both answers are "Looks OK&...
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Why do I see "There are no review queues" message? Am I review-banned? [duplicate]

I am currently seeing the "there are no review queues for you" message. I know this shows when you fumble audits, but I haven't even been reviewing recently. Am I banned? I never received any message ...
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