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Declined mod flag on a bountied question [duplicate]

I flagged this question with the following message: I am flagging this question because it is asking for personal opinions about how to create a specific type of website. The user hasn't shown ...
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Bounty annulled shortly after answering [duplicate]

Here's a short description of the events: Off-topic/TB question is asked. Question is given a +500 bounty. Several days later I see the question in the bounty list, decide it's an interesting problem ...
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Is there a way to voluntarily migrate my question with a bounty to the site I should've actually asked? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow being the first site of the SE gamma to come to existence, has a lot of questions that don't relate to programming, I got confused and posted my question here. But now that I know ...
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Is a bounty protection for a question? [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow quite heavily for last couple of years as I journey into coding. I use it not only to find answers to issues, but also to ask a few questions of my own and to attempt ...
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Bounty question can't be close voted? [duplicate]

I came across a question that perfectly fits one of the close vote categories. I'm not 100% sure it ...
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Off-topic bounty questions [duplicate]

Bounty questions cannot be closed (by users). This feels to me like a way to open an off-topic question and protect it from being closed. I have seen multiple questions recently that would need to be ...
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How to delete a question with an open bounty [duplicate]

I've recently asked a question, concerning a problem with Visual Studio (this one), so I asked how to configure everything in order to solve my problem. In the meanwhile I've discovered that the ...
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When a question with a bounty is a duplicate [duplicate]

What is the appropriate response when you read a question that you know is a duplicate, but has a bounty on it? The duplicate question was the second link in the "related questions" right sidebar. ...
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How to deal with a good problem, but a bad question - with a bounty bribe! [duplicate]

TL;DR Are "Help me make this code work!" questions allowed? Can we downvote the Bounty awards that look like bribes, but not the question? Note: A part of this is covered in How can I close a ...
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How to handle low quality questions with bounty? [duplicate]

This is not a very severe problem but it is for sure a recurring theme. I have the impression that low quality questions are handled completely differently when bountied. Questions, that otherwise ...
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How to handle questions which should be closed but get bountied? [duplicate] This question is basically asking, "write this code for me" and apparently was not closed before the user was eligible to add a bounty. Because it has a ...
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How should I handle this question having bounty needs to solve an XY problem? [duplicate]

I proposed two solutions to this bounty question, both of which were negatively taken by the author of the question. At the time of writing the answer, the question itself lacked proper information on ...
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Why are flags not allowed on questions with bounties? [duplicate]

Flags are not allowed on questions with bounties. This allows high-reputation question owners to stop their question from being closed or deleted when in some cases the questions aren't clear, or are ...
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How should legal questions be handled? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this question with a custom flag stating that it isn't a programming related question. Obviously this question doesn't belong on Stack Overflow, as you can tell by the question: ...
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Is it right that bounties can protect off-topic questions? [duplicate]

I was going to vote to close a question asking for an off-site resource. But I was told by the system that since it has an open bounty, it cannot be closed. So... all you need to do to ask an off-...
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Closing off-topic questions that have an open bounty [duplicate]

I just came across this question: which has an open bounty, but (for me) is clearly off-topic because ...
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Dealing with bounty questions that ask for tutorial, plugin or offsite resource? [duplicate]

I read this question about bounties that have duplicates, and the discussion went in a direction about flagging moderators. My situation is a bit different, since the question isn't a duplicate, but ...
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Duplicate question has an open bounty [duplicate]

As you can see, this question is a duplicate of this one. We can't close it though because it has an open bounty but we could go there and write one of the answers there. Thought about flag to get ...
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Why should offering a bounty prevent closure? [duplicate]

It appears that you're not allowed to flag a question as off-topic (or even to migrate to a different site) if there is an open bounty on it (for example, I believe this question would be better ...
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Duplicate with a bounty [duplicate]

I found a question that is a duplicate (almost exact), asked by the same person twice. The first question had one answer, and the second (duplicate) was asked 6 days later. Since the owner put a ...
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How to deal with bounty questions that belong to another community [duplicate]

I think this question is related to Server Fault, not to Stackoverflow, but bounty questions can't be closed. What should I do? I thought of raising a flag for moderator intervention, but I don't ...
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How can I flag a question that has an open bounty? [duplicate]

I came across a question that based on my understanding of SO rules, is not in compliance. Specifically, the post in question contains two questions that have distinct answers. I proceed and try to ...
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Can we migrate a question with an open bounty? [duplicate]

This question: is completely off-topic, yet managed to evade closure before ...
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Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

This has now been crafted into a community rule It's becoming more and more evident that there are some users who feel very strongly about deletion on both sides of the issue. It's part of a larger ...
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Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

I know there are a lot of questions asking the same thing and I know the proper way to close such question is to follow this: How can I close a question that has an active bounty? You flag it for ...
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What differentiates this from a "write my software for me" question?

I found this question in the featured tab. It reads to me as Here is my current minimal code <251 lines of poorly commented code> Please make this fast and correct for big inputs. I ...
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Mod flagged to remove a bounty on an off-topic question, flag declined because it was handled too late

This question had a bounty added to it on February 22nd at 8:31 AM. At 17:23 the same day, I mod flagged to close the question remove the bounty. It was a widely off-topic "give me teh codez" ...
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User vandalizes and deletes a question with close votes, then repost question

A user asked this question which had received 3 close votes as opinion-based. The user responded with a comment objecting to the close votes, then by vandalizing the question and deleting it. ...
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Are bounty questions that are too broad exempt from closure if they have good answers?

I recently flagged a bounty question which asks for the "best way" to accomplish an open-ended task which is (in my opinion) too broad and not a specific-enough programming question. The opinion-...
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Can a mod take a second look at my flag? [closed]

I flagged this question with the message: This question should clearly be closed (either Too Broad, or looking for software recommendation), however I can't flag it due to the open bounty. Per ...
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Why can't I vote to close a question that has a bounty on it?

I just came across a question that I feel is too broad, opinion-based, and looking for recommendations. When I went to vote to close it I encountered the red warning message: This question has an open ...
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Make attempted close votes on off-topic/unanswerable bounty questions raise a separate kind of moderator flag

As we know questions with bounties on them can't be closed unless they are flagged for mod attention. The rationale seems to be that bounties can only be offered for questions at least two days old (...
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Are questions that ask for clarification on non-programming documentation off-topic?

I recently found a question which asks for the definition of a word in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. To me, this question is off-topic. It is not a programming question. It is asking for the ...
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closing bounty questions [duplicate]

So I had answered a question here with an open bounty on it, and three days in, the question has been closed today as too broad by a moderator. Because of the moderator close vote, the bounty from ...
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Another why my flag have been declined?

I've flagged this post : Where to start, implement long-polling in Faye for iOS, full content: I'm using MZFayeClient ( using built in WebSocket. I need to ...
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Flagged a Bounty Question as Off-Topic, Flag Declined

As per this meta post, I flagged this bounty question for moderator attention as off-topic, yet the flag was declined. I had flagged another off-topic bounty question earlier that day, and the flag ...
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Is it okay to bring a specific question to the attention of meta?

I have seen several questions here on meta in the form of: "Is this (non-meta) question okay?", but in this case I am positive that the question is low quality an should be closed (basically, the ...
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Flagging off-topic bounty questions?

I thought that flagging was the way to go when I want to close an off-topic question that has a bounty since it can't be closed. How can we close questions with bounties? So why was my flag declined ...
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Bounty on a question of questionable quality [duplicate]

There is a question here that isn't specifically about programming -- it's about algorithms. I think that it's not a good question for SO (although I may be wrong, but that isn't relevant here), so I ...
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Same person offers bounty and answers question

This happened. Someone answered a question and also offered a bounty. The answer was posted 4 minutes after the question, so I don't think it is a case of offering a bounty and later coming to ...
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Workflow for closing bounty questions

The workflow for closing questions that have active bounties is a little cumbersome... At the moment if you try to closevote a question with an active bounty you'll see this: I would guess that most ...
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Is it OK for posters to ask for code to be written in exchange for a bounty?

I have a question about questions like this. Normally, I could imagine this getting downvotes because there seems to be little or no effort in researching and really is just asking for someone to '...
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Answered my own question minutes after placing a bounty, what to do with it?

So I had a question about an API that doesn't get a lot of attention on SO. I let it marinate over the weekend and all day today, didn't get any nibbles (kind of expected) and so I decided to throw a ...
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Is this question on apple numbers spreadsheet software on topic?

Are questions like these on topic? I look at the excel tag since it's analagous, and it says Only for questions on complex formula development or VBA programming. Show your data together with the ...
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Questions off-topic about VirtualMachine and command-line [duplicate]

The community is tolerant questions of this kind? This question sounds like off-topic for me: Shrink a vmdk Virtualbox disk image In related questions have others questions like this: Why could ...
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Flagging an off-topic question with bounty for moderator attention is currently impossible [duplicate]

I ran across an off-topic question today (asking to recommend a tool for a task) and tried to close it, but it had an active bounty. So my next thought is: hey, this is an abuse. Searching on a ...
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Bounty system overriding moderator rights

Whenever someone posts a bounty on a question, it immediately overrides all possibilities for users to moderate that post. Users can no longer cast close votes - they can no longer even see already ...
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