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Declined mod flag on a bountied question [duplicate]

I flagged this question with the following message: I am flagging this question because it is asking for personal opinions about how to create a specific type of website. The user hasn't shown ...
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Bounty annulled shortly after answering [duplicate]

Here's a short description of the events: Off-topic/TB question is asked. Question is given a +500 bounty. Several days later I see the question in the bounty list, decide it's an interesting problem ...
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Is there a way to voluntarily migrate my question with a bounty to the site I should've actually asked? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow being the first site of the SE gamma to come to existence, has a lot of questions that don't relate to programming, I got confused and posted my question here. But now that I know ...
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Is a bounty protection for a question? [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Overflow quite heavily for last couple of years as I journey into coding. I use it not only to find answers to issues, but also to ask a few questions of my own and to attempt ...
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Bounty question can't be close voted? [duplicate]

I came across a question that perfectly fits one of the close vote categories. I'm not 100% sure it ...
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Off-topic bounty questions [duplicate]

Bounty questions cannot be closed (by users). This feels to me like a way to open an off-topic question and protect it from being closed. I have seen multiple questions recently that would need to be ...
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How to delete a question with an open bounty [duplicate]

I've recently asked a question, concerning a problem with Visual Studio (this one), so I asked how to configure everything in order to solve my problem. In the meanwhile I've discovered that the ...
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When a question with a bounty is a duplicate [duplicate]

What is the appropriate response when you read a question that you know is a duplicate, but has a bounty on it? The duplicate question was the second link in the "related questions" right sidebar. ...
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How to deal with a good problem, but a bad question - with a bounty bribe! [duplicate]

TL;DR Are "Help me make this code work!" questions allowed? Can we downvote the Bounty awards that look like bribes, but not the question? Note: A part of this is covered in How can I close a ...
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How to handle low quality questions with bounty? [duplicate]

This is not a very severe problem but it is for sure a recurring theme. I have the impression that low quality questions are handled completely differently when bountied. Questions, that otherwise ...
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How to handle questions which should be closed but get bountied? [duplicate] This question is basically asking, "write this code for me" and apparently was not closed before the user was eligible to add a bounty. Because it has a ...
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How should I handle this question having bounty needs to solve an XY problem? [duplicate]

I proposed two solutions to this bounty question, both of which were negatively taken by the author of the question. At the time of writing the answer, the question itself lacked proper information on ...
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Why are flags not allowed on questions with bounties? [duplicate]

Flags are not allowed on questions with bounties. This allows high-reputation question owners to stop their question from being closed or deleted when in some cases the questions aren't clear, or are ...
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How should legal questions be handled? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this question with a custom flag stating that it isn't a programming related question. Obviously this question doesn't belong on Stack Overflow, as you can tell by the question: ...
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Is it right that bounties can protect off-topic questions? [duplicate]

I was going to vote to close a question asking for an off-site resource. But I was told by the system that since it has an open bounty, it cannot be closed. So... all you need to do to ask an off-...
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