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Closing off-topic questions that have an open bounty [duplicate]

I just came across this question: which has an open bounty, but (for me) is clearly off-topic because ...
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Dealing with bounty questions that ask for tutorial, plugin or offsite resource? [duplicate]

I read this question about bounties that have duplicates, and the discussion went in a direction about flagging moderators. My situation is a bit different, since the question isn't a duplicate, but ...
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Duplicate question has an open bounty [duplicate]

As you can see, this question is a duplicate of this one. We can't close it though because it has an open bounty but we could go there and write one of the answers there. Thought about flag to get ...
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Why should offering a bounty prevent closure? [duplicate]

It appears that you're not allowed to flag a question as off-topic (or even to migrate to a different site) if there is an open bounty on it (for example, I believe this question would be better ...
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Duplicate with a bounty [duplicate]

I found a question that is a duplicate (almost exact), asked by the same person twice. The first question had one answer, and the second (duplicate) was asked 6 days later. Since the owner put a ...
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How to deal with bounty questions that belong to another community [duplicate]

I think this question is related to Server Fault, not to Stackoverflow, but bounty questions can't be closed. What should I do? I thought of raising a flag for moderator intervention, but I don't ...
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How can I flag a question that has an open bounty? [duplicate]

I came across a question that based on my understanding of SO rules, is not in compliance. Specifically, the post in question contains two questions that have distinct answers. I proceed and try to ...
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Can we migrate a question with an open bounty? [duplicate]

This question: is completely off-topic, yet managed to evade closure before ...
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Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

This has now been crafted into a community rule It's becoming more and more evident that there are some users who feel very strongly about deletion on both sides of the issue. It's part of a larger ...
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Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

I know there are a lot of questions asking the same thing and I know the proper way to close such question is to follow this: How can I close a question that has an active bounty? You flag it for ...
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What differentiates this from a "write my software for me" question?

I found this question in the featured tab. It reads to me as Here is my current minimal code <251 lines of poorly commented code> Please make this fast and correct for big inputs. I ...
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Mod flagged to remove a bounty on an off-topic question, flag declined because it was handled too late

This question had a bounty added to it on February 22nd at 8:31 AM. At 17:23 the same day, I mod flagged to close the question remove the bounty. It was a widely off-topic "give me teh codez" ...
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User vandalizes and deletes a question with close votes, then repost question

A user asked this question which had received 3 close votes as opinion-based. The user responded with a comment objecting to the close votes, then by vandalizing the question and deleting it. ...
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Are bounty questions that are too broad exempt from closure if they have good answers?

I recently flagged a bounty question which asks for the "best way" to accomplish an open-ended task which is (in my opinion) too broad and not a specific-enough programming question. The opinion-...
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Can a mod take a second look at my flag? [closed]

I flagged this question with the message: This question should clearly be closed (either Too Broad, or looking for software recommendation), however I can't flag it due to the open bounty. Per ...
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