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Unable to retract VLQ flag

I flagged an answer yesterday as VLQ. Since then, it has been accepted by the OP. After reading it again, it appears borderline, and I don't want to eat a declined flag, so I attempted to retract the ...
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Is there a way to abort post flagging? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I flag posts I make mistakes like I find better category from different flags, or user posts a comment that changes the meaning of the question etc. Is there some functionality that ...
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Can flags be retracted, and how in the Stack Exchange Android app? [duplicate]

Sometimes we raise a flag to someone's post for one of the reasons such as spam, not clear, off-topic, etc. After some time the post gets edited. Or we realize that a flag should not have been raised ...
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Editing the flag of a reviewed question after flagging

Sometimes when we are reviewing questions (specially triage), there are human errors like clicking RequiresEditing instead of Unsalvagable. Is there anyway to go back and change the flag ? Or should ...
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Can I retract a flag posted for a question or answer? [duplicate]

If I flag an answer as "very low quality", and then after some time the answer is edited and no longer qualifies as "very low quality", is there anything I can do to retract the flag?
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The action I recommended was taken, but my flag is still pending

I commented on and flagged a question that was off-topic, and the poster took my advice and reposted the question in a different community. (Hooray! The system works!) Now what's itching in the back ...
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After flagging a post I wanted to change the flag or delete that flag [duplicate]

Is there a way to do this? Essentially, I wanted to delete the flagging that I marked.
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Could a flag be revoked? [duplicate]

In case you flag for wrong reason or something similar. What should you do? Flag again for moderator attention? And in the same context: Is there a way to revoke or withdraw your own flag action1? ...
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Can we have the facility to cancel flags that have been overtaken by events? [duplicate]

This question was asked today. It's not a great question and probably deserves to be closed as opinion-based or too broad. The real problem here was the comments. I flagged this question at 28 ...
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Revert flagged comment [duplicate]

I don't think that there is a current way to reverse a flagged comment, however one can reverse upvotes, downvotes, edits, upvoted comments and close requests. Is it possible to also include reverts ...
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I flagged a question as duplicate. How can I reverse this decision? [duplicate]

The questioner added a comment and it became clear that the question is not a duplicate. How can I remove my own flag? I deleted the comment saying that the question may be a duplicate. However, when ...
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Accidental flag, what should I do? [duplicate]

I accidentally flagged a question as offensive when I meant to flag it as off topic (on mobile, clumsy fingers, sorry). It's still a flag, but it's for the wrong reason. If relevant, it's this ...
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Why were my older close flags "aged away"?

I have raised 373 flags . 240 deemed helpful . 7 declined . 5 disputed. 1 commented flag declined. Before few hours ago there were 115 flags for review. But now there are only 49 ...
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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Is it possible to cancel raised flag by me? [duplicate]

Lets say I'm flagging a question for unclear what you are asking or for too broad, many times this happen with badly written homework question. But after 10-20 minutes the question is edited by the OP ...

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