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Re-open closed question with incorrect answer [duplicate]

Background I recently had a problem where I needed to add a user label to optimized code and I found this post: Volatile labels? The accepted answer states that it is not possible. After a couple ...
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Congratulations BalusC for reaching a million reputation!

Today (15 July 2021) a very well respected and brilliant member, BalusC, has reached a million reputation points! As of today, he has posted 17,102 answers which we greatly appreciate.
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A suggestion about simple questions [duplicate]

Do you think you can request experienced users to leave the question to new users if the question is simple, something like this? To answer the questions posed by @Hovercraft Full Of Eels Your ...
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Town hall - Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Earlier this week we launched Collectives™ on Stack Overflow and shared our research behind building this product. As promised we’re holding a TownHall AMA today on Meta to address the different ...
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How can I set up a professional Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I want to set up a professional Stack Overflow account, and I don't know how to go about it.
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I don't have a lot of questions but because of that I can never comment? [duplicate]

I want to comment or vote and partake in Stack Overflow, but I have to ask 25 individual questions to even have enough "reputation" to comment or like or dislike? Yes I've looked over reddit ...
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How to get enough reputation points so I can comment on an existing question? [duplicate]

I want to post a comment on an existing question. Whats the easiest way to get reputation points and level up so I can do this? This is a very specific question. How many points, does one need to post ...
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Different ways for earning reputation on Stack Exchange websites [duplicate]

I am new on Stack Overflow and am looking for ways to increase the reputation of my profile. In general, I am looking for getting the chat on Stack Overflow enabled.
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How can I save searches or browse by categorization on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How can I effectively use Stack Overflow, being new to coding? Is Stack Overflow designed for learning or is it more of a troubleshooting question website for people who are stuck with a bug? I'm ...
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Do we have any chance as a new contributor? [duplicate]

I am keep trying to use stackoverflow in a best way whether I ask or reply the question recently. You could see it from my recent history as well. Once I ask a new question yesterday, one commenter ...
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How do I vote things up on this site? [duplicate]

I would like to vote things and comment on things, but do not know how. Please help. P.S. I actually do know, but I can't get past Student level because I don't have an actual question to ask yet.
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How can I get my first 10 rep point on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

I have to admit, for way too many years, I have been a passif user of stack over flow. Until last week, when I saw an answer with a serious limitation. I had to throw in my comment on that one, it's ...
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How do I get enough reputation points without asking duplicate questions? [duplicate]

I've been on Stack Overflow for close to two years now, and I've never had to ask a question because most of the time, I find whatever question that comes to mind has already been asked and I'd only ...
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Stack Overflow culture and expectations

I am a new Stack Overflow user, but I have been a lurker for a while. Occasionally I get stuck on things and often look on this site for solutions. I recently posted a problem with some code that I am ...
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Language Forums [closed]

I would really like it if there were pages for each programming language, I'm new to the whole concept of programming and I tend to gravitate towards the obscure. Batch and C#. The problem I'm having ...
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