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Why should I log in if I can't vote or comment? [duplicate]

This has been a question nagging at me for the many years I have used Stack Overflow! I can not comment, I don't have enough 'reputation points', I can not vote because I don't have enough '...
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How do you earn reputation if you cannot do anything because you have none? [duplicate]

How do you earn points on this website if you literally cannot do anything unless you have points? Can't even post this question on the place it belongs BECAUSE I HAVE NO POINTS.
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How, as a complete newbie with only 1 pt can I ask for guidance [duplicate]

So, I saw a user comment. I wanted to ask that user why he made that assertion (specifically "two dots is a bad practice" when making an Excel reference). However, when I select "Comment", I'm told ...
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How can I set up a professional Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I want to set up a professional Stack Overflow account, and I don't know how to go about it.
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Tag noob questions to facilitate helping out [duplicate]

Similar to How to find easy questions to answer? but taken from another angle: In relation to Fish-out pure-java questions to help out: how about having some sort of "noob-question" tag, so that ...
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Am I allowed to answer questions as a new user? [duplicate]

I'm new to this website and I want to answer some questions. But I can't find the answer button at all. Am I allowed to answer as a new user?
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Is there a "first steps" guide somewhere for using any of the Stack Exchange websites? [duplicate]

I know this question is "off-topic" here, but frankly, there's no other place to ask it if you have "no" reputation. I tried to use (where it probably ...
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How do I get enough reputation points without asking duplicate questions? [duplicate]

I've been on Stack Overflow for close to two years now, and I've never had to ask a question because most of the time, I find whatever question that comes to mind has already been asked and I'd only ...
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What can I do when I can't offer a bounty? [duplicate]

I recently started as an intern with a programming assignment for Android. I am not that good with Android yet so I have a lot of problems when I code. That's when I decided I should use Stack ...
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Low rep with answers converted to comments, how to respond to follow-up comments/questions [duplicate]

I had an answer that was automatically converted to a comment as a "trivial answer" to this question: "is not a valid win32 application" on windows xp . When the OP asked me a follow-up ...
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Is there a way I can view questions by new members or low quality questions? [duplicate]

I will love to offer help more but most of the questions I see in my homepage are always too advanced for me to help. I think I can assist in questions that are in the basic to intermediate level of ...
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I would like some guidance about organizing my effort to start contributing answers [duplicate]

I've benefited for some time now with help from this community. While I don't consider myself a particular genius, I also know that "anyone can help anyone", so I'd like to start at least trying to ...
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Comment on answer [duplicate]

StackOverflow blocks new user or user with rep below 50 to leave a comment. I faced this problem too when I wan't to participate to answer the question but I need to ask by leave a comment. The ...
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How to get enough reputation points so I can comment on an existing question? [duplicate]

I want to post a comment on an existing question. Whats the easiest way to get reputation points and level up so I can do this? This is a very specific question. How many points, does one need to post ...
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Different ways for earning reputation on Stack Exchange websites [duplicate]

I am new on Stack Overflow and am looking for ways to increase the reputation of my profile. In general, I am looking for getting the chat on Stack Overflow enabled.

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