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Why is reputation so awful for new people? [duplicate]

Because I don't have enough reputation to write comments (to ask for clarification on other answers) NOR can I up-vote answers that are helpful, I am stuck in this perpetual newb cycle. I don't know ...
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What's the fastest way to get 50 reputation on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I need to comment on some questions/answers, but can't, because I don't have enough reputation. I want to help, but the site doesn't let me.
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Can you become reputable on Stack Overflow for already popular languages? [duplicate]

I really like the concept of Stack Overflow, but sometimes I feel that you can only gain a reputation for contributing to newer languages/frameworks or less popular languages/frameworks. My main ...
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How do I increase reputation with Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

The Stack Overflow user guidelines tell me I must have a reputation of at least 50 before I can comment (answer a question). It also strongly suggests, via the wording, that I can't ask questions ...
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Why is it so hard to begin to contribute to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

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How do I earn reputation if Stack Overflow is so good that I can always find my answer without posting a question? [duplicate]

Stackoverflow has been instrumental in my career development; I've been using it for a long time and always found answers to my questions. If every question I've ever had is already answered (...
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The reputation system makes it challenging to obtain privileges [duplicate]

Since Stack Overflow began in 2008, many good questions are already taken or answered by someone a long time ago. The majority of the oldest users secured their questions and subsequent questions are ...
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How do I earn more reputation points on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

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Why was my question downvoted and closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why does this ASP web page not refresh data? A few minutes after posting I saw my question had been downvoted and closed. I don't get why as I exposed a ...
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I don't have a lot of questions but because of that I can never comment? [duplicate]

I want to comment or vote and partake in Stack Overflow, but I have to ask 25 individual questions to even have enough "reputation" to comment or like or dislike? Yes I've looked over reddit ...
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Why won't Stack Overflow allow me to participate without reputation points? [duplicate]

I've utilized this community for years to self-educate myself in various programming languages. In that time, I've never once needed to post a question. Somewhere in this vast forum, I've always found ...
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Cannot comment, stuck below 50 reputation [duplicate]

I am down at 44 reputation, I have been stuck there for quite some time. I have asked questions and gotten no responses, and also answered some questions, with no real feedback. I am just trying to ...
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Reputation limit for adding a comment [duplicate]

This is the problem: I want to answer some questions but the question is not very clear. So I need to ask for more information by adding a comment. Unfortunately, I need 50 reputation for adding a ...
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