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Give a suggestion on Stack Overflow, not an answer [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is a nice place to get answers/give answers. At this point I see people's reputation points removed, because they didn't answer the question. Now I'm at the point were the answer ...
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Would it be possible to lower the amount of reputation that is required to comment? What is the process for changing this? [duplicate]

I joined Stack Overflow as a casual user, in order to vote on content, answer some questions that don't receive answers (which I am able to answer), and to comment where need be (such as when an ...
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Why can't low rep users post comments until they have 50 rep? [duplicate]

I am trying to post a comment on a question asked by a user to get clarity, but because (ATM) I have only 8 rep, I am unable to as it says I need 50. What is the purpose of this? I want to be able to ...
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How can a new SO user make useful comment [duplicate]

Saw this today from a new user: (this is a comment since I can not comment until I have 50 rep) What data are you trying to insert into that table? Is it a string, an int? Also what ...
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Low rep users should be able to make comments [duplicate]

If low rep users can ask a question and can answer a question, why can't they comment on an answer?
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Reputation system seems unfair [duplicate]

Why must I gain reputation before I can comment? I'd like to be pro active and help people out who have unanswered questions. But many need clarification before I can give an appropriate answer. I ...
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Is this answer really NAA?

Today I found this answer, downvoted it, & flagged as NAA (Not An Answer): In my eyes, the answer is seeking clarification from the OP, and (at the time of posting), the user who answered only ...
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Why is a user with low reputation allowed to answer a question but not to comment the same? [duplicate]

If commenting to a question is also for asking more required data to answer it. Shouldn't a person allowed to answer, also be allowed to comment on the question?
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Why is the necessary amount of rep for comments everywhere set to 50 [duplicate]

I was just wondering why we need 50 rep to be able to comment everywhere. I mean it does cause problems. If I have an intuition on how to answer a problem or I want to ask for more info on the user's ...
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Restriction on Commenting [duplicate]

Why is there a 50+ reputation requirement for commenting on someone's question. I use Stack Overflow a lot both at work and at home, but rarely need to ask my own question since there are so many pre-...
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Reputation - Feedback [duplicate]

The user can comment in some answers or questions only if there is enough reputation. Is there any constant reputation for comments? or It differs based on question and user? Feedback: It will be ...
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How are users who do not have 50 rep, supposed to answer a question which requires additional information? [duplicate]

They can't comment to ask additional info. And they're not allowed to "answer" the question to ask for additional information.
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post a comment vs. low reputation [duplicate]

Why do we need some reputation to post a comment? It's very hard to ask for any additional information of someone who posted an answer; and if you put your question in another answer, other users ...

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