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When do you give up answering a question [duplicate]

This happened to me couple of times recently, where someone asks say a jQuery question with a long piece of code, so I assume the person has a decent understanding of jQuery, so I reply saying "this ...
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What is the best thing to do if one question leads to another? [duplicate]

What is the best way to handle a problem where a user asks a question, I answer it correctly, then they figure out they don't know how to implement it correctly? I've had this scenario a few times, ...
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Why don't we have an Unfollow option on answers stop sending notifications of comments? [duplicate]

I have posted a valid answer on a question, but the author of the question continues to come back with comments and refuses to try my solution. The answer is valid, but this person does not properly ...
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What to do if OP requests far more than just answering the question? [duplicate]

Being a newbie here in StackOverflow, I've been a user for time enough to be aware that SO is more about questions and answers than about users. I'm a little bit upset today because, after giving an ...
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What am I supposed to do about being pestered by a question asker who keeps changing the "intent" of the question? [duplicate]

Recently, I answered this question: Does TensorFlow use all of the hardware on the GPU? Which originally came about do to a severe lack of understanding of Nvidia's terminology for different levels ...
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How can I best respond to endless additional questions in the comments and aggressive edits to an answer? [duplicate]

A few days ago I was answering a question where implementation with python-requests was impossible, so I suggested Selenium and gave a short implementation of his code. The question asker has since ...
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What to do when question gets longer and longer [duplicate]

I´m concerning to this question where OP trumbles over new problems again and again which occur because his/her original question was quite unspecific but answerable. I posted an answer that not only ...
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Questions that change/evolve over time. Is that fair? [duplicate]

Is it fair to ask a question and once answers have been provided to change it? In some cases, questions are being evolved over time more alike a dialog. This makes proposed answers invalid or ...
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"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

There are some people who react... poorly... when their question is answered. Some definitions: Chameleon questions are those questions that just keep on changing, to cover more than the problem you ...
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How to handle a questioner who won't try an answer?

I've gotten a LOT from this site, and I'm trying to start answering questions lately. I recently provided an answer to someone with a fair question about image resizing. However, instead of trying my (...
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Reject edit when OP tries to put their results into your answer?

I put up an answer for this question: LINQ Union between two tables with the same fields and then returned in a collection My answer all works fine for me but the OP had problems when they tried to ...
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How should I handle questions where there is a clear problem that has multiple possible causes?

I saw a question today, and looked to see if I could answer it. Most SO questions go something like this: Asker: I have this problem. Answerer: Here's a solution. This question, though, goes ...
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Question fixed multiple times with my answer(s) but another one was accepted. Should I flag it?

I've answered this question in real-time. The code published in question had multiple bugs, so I edited my answer multiple times. The author updated the question's code with the fixed code after every ...
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