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Can I add a tag to a question when my answer is related to the tag, but the question is not [duplicate]

Let's say there is a question with some general tags (Java, REST etc.). In my answer I used a specific technology or library, to solve a problem from the question. Can I add the tag for the thing that ...
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How to deal with tags corresponding to the question / problem, and not with the actual answer / solution? [duplicate]

Here is a short and generic example introducing my issue : Fictitious example Question : What should I do to achieve X ? I'm currently trying to do X (details, output, ...), so I tried to use ...
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Should questions with accepted [extra tag] solutions be edited to include the [extra tag]? [duplicate]

If a question is asked and the accepted answer to that question includes the use of another tag, should the question be edited to add the tag? For example, a good amount of the CSS questions I answer ...
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Should I add tag that specifies the topic but the asker doesn't know about it? [duplicate]

While reviewing questions I came across this one - Not able to understand the notations : * and ** with pointers I know these are a pointer and a pointer to pointer so I decided to add this tag to the ...
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Should answer's tags be added to the question? [duplicate]

I see a conflicting edit in Why is it faster to process a sorted array than an unsorted array? branch-prediction tag was explicitly removed from question because it is an answer by itself. Who is ...
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Should question tags that are actually unrelated with the question be removed? [duplicate]

There are sometimes questions that will be entered to provide the context of a question, but in the end are themselves unrelated with the question or solution. Should they be edited out? (the ...
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Is correct add tags to questions once the problem has been indentified? [duplicate]

Sometimes OP really ask questions without a complete knowledge about the error they have to face. I was wondering how legit will be to add a tag to a solved question once the real problem has been ...
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I answered an old CSS question with a modern CSS3 solution. My answer now has over 400 votes. Can I add the CSS3 tag to the question?

This question, tagged with css was asked back in 2009: Make div 100% height of browser window. In early 2013 I posted this answer which offers a modern css3 solution, which didn't exist when that ...
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Updating a question's tags based on new answers using originally unavailable technology

A question was asked with the tags java and multithreading. The asker is creating threads manually and trying to synchronize access between threads by creating his own thread pool. Later, an answer ...
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What tag should be relevant to the question

I have written an answer to a question and added tags that I used to the question to support my answer. Someone edited the question and removed the tags. Is this a correct behavior? After two times ...
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Handling disagreement on tags

A certain user is adding is adding the qt-signals tag to many questions to which it does not apply: Interesting task of the processes in Qt Using multiple Ui's and Ui classes in Qt? Q_ENUMS are &...
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Rejected edit: Are tags supposed to be about the problem or just about what the user thought was the problem?

I answered and edited this question. The edit was rejected. The reason given was "This edit introduces tags that do not help to define the topic of the question." The tags the question had were "...
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Tags on answers

Currently it's possible to have tags only on questions; answers have been deprived of this possibility. However, it is not uncommon for a slightly more general question to get answers that, ...
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Tagging answers? [duplicate]

After having read this: "Tagging a question based on its answers" it came to my mind that it might be helpful to tag answers. This would help grouping questions (my marking them as duplicates for ...
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Tagging users questions answered by myself

I'm curious to know; If I were to answer a question tagged with say jquery and subsequently receive an up-vote for my answer and I then edited the question adding a javascript tag: Would I receive ...
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