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Summary of downvoted answers which have changed and are not deleted

We have a -1 penalty for downvoting answers. From this answer: Consider it an investment into the quality of the site. By downvoting things, you help send a signal that the material isn't up to ...
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How to make a downvoted post get positive score again?

I have been reading a lot about questions and answers lately, partly because I have been a little bit more involved in the site, partly because of particular issues with my own questions&answers. ...
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Dealing with an answer upvoted despite being wrong and later updated to reflect the facts

A short while ago I encountered an answer that was completely wrong, so I downvoted it and left a comment explaining why it is bad (based on my knowledge of normative sources and some general grasp of ...
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Notification to closers when question is proposed for reopening

I'm not sure if this was proposed before in clear (if it was, please mark my question as duplicate), but when this idea comes up in discussions, most seem to agree it would be a good feature: The ...
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Should I edit the original question, or delete it and ask a new one?

Apropos of this question: After further research and some more thought, I've realized that what I'm really asking isn't "Can I store polygons in my database and have them be edited by the user?" ...
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Can we specify which on-site notifications we get, and when they get displayed?

For example, events such as, New comments, New answers, New privileges, Reputation changes, An edit to one of your posts, And whatever new notifications that get introduced at a later date. Could ...
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Notification on reopening downvoted question

Very often I downvote bad question that later on gets closed. Since, it is site policy that bad question should be edited and improved rather than deleted, it would be nice to receive notification ...
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Notification on edit of commented question

I agree and wholeheartedly endorse the idea of notifciation for edited down-votes, but I have a more useful suggestion to offer: Notify me when a question I've commented on is edited. The purpose of ...
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"notify me on edits" option [duplicate]

I already came across these questions asked in meta Notification on edit of downvoted content Notification on edit of commented question I accept one of the answer given for the second question (i....
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What to do after having edited a bad question of yours?

What do you have to do after one of your questions has been downvoted, and you edited it? The question obviously won't get any more attention (Unless it isn't edited within the first minutes after ...
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Stuck in post-ban [duplicate]

Recently I have got an question ban because of (mainly) this stupid question. I want to fix the question ban and, as expected, I have to edit the old question to get a change to get the question ...
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