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What to do with a question that isn't really likely to help anyone apart from the person who asked [duplicate]

I often browse Android questions and come across more and more questions about ListView, ViewPager, Fragments, etc ... It seems to me that a vast majority of these questions aren't useful because: OP ...
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Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance

Overview As we know Stack Overflow has a closure process which users begin participating in at 15 reputation with flagging privileges and then later with full closure votes at 3000 reputation Recently,...
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Closing as a mental typo

Here is the close reason we all know: This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one ...
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What really amounts to "be nice to new contributors"? [duplicate]

This is the post that made me thinking: Python - Array - homework. Screenshot for <10k users: I totally agree with all the comments that Stack Overflow is not a homework forum. However, when I ...
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Question Effort - What's our line in the sand?

TL:DR: Is lack of effort a reason to close a question? Over the past few weeks, I've seen conflicting information about whether a lack of effort should contribute to the closing of a question. I've ...
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Programming Language Identification Questions

I saw this question a few minutes ago: It started to get downvoted pretty quickly, which was curious to me. I looked at the ...
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Is it fair game to vote to close "code doesn't work" type questions? [duplicate]

As of late, it seems that SO is flooded with "my code doesn't work! [giant code dump] what is wrong? Please help!" type of questions (which are not the same as "do my work" type of questions, IMO). ...
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Behavior on questions caused by typographical errors

Recently, a poster submitted a question and, after a search inside a long single line sql query text, I (and others) have found the typographical error that originated its error. Of course, I have ...
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Question that is extraordinarily clear has been marked as needing details or clarity

The following is a link to the question I think should be reopened, or closed for a more applicable reason. The comments I received started with a ...
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Questions like these are "too localized" to be of any good to anyone at large!

The question in particular is extremely localized and has no value to anyone else as a whole. Match first occurrence of semicolon in string, only if not preceded by '--' This just makes SO ...
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What to do with "too localized" questions in help queue?

I've just started using the Help and Improvement queue and would like to get some feedback on my actions. I'm running into a lot of questions that are generally just typos combined with users that are ...
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Is this question on-topic?

The question linked below is a type of question that (I feel) appears often in the Perl tag: People want free code to solve a problem. The question itself is not about programming, it is entirely ...
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