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Preventing new users from answering poor questions

As a user who is mainly active in answering questions, I see a lot of new users (let's say 500 reputation or less) that are looking for questions that seem easy to answer. Then, they unleash many ...
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How to encourage flagging as duplicate instead of answering unoriginal questions? [duplicate]

I know the subject of receiving reputation for flags has been discussed before but I feel that it wasn't discussed enough. So here are my thoughts: I am not an experienced programmer, sometimes I ...
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How should I treat a well-written question that is a duplicate?

This question, to my eyes, deserves a lot of credit for being clear, providing good examples, and is pretty much exactly what we want from a new poster. That said, it's not particularly well-...
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Train new users about quality posts using "suggested" close votes (like suggested edits)

There has been a lot of talk lately about how to improve question quality. Motivation People receive a benefit (reputation) for doing something we don't want them to do: Asking and answering ...
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Answering an exact duplicate to make a new canonical?

I just encountered a user who answered a very common question with popular canonical originals (one with two answers scoring above 1k). He stated that his reasoning for doing this was that - although ...
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Is it wrong to downvote a good answer to a duplicate question? [duplicate]

So here is a duplicate question with a decent answer. Is it wrong to downvote the answer because the answer-er should have searched for duplicates before answering? I personally don't think so. If it'...
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What to do when a high-reputation user answers a lot of duplicates? [duplicate]

I noticed that a 70k+ python gold badge owner answered 5 blatant duplicate python questions the last 4 days (today was the worst, it was dupe after dupe) with - of course - a lot of votes (and having ...
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Why should I bother searching for duplicates?

I'm active in javascript and associated "web development" tags. I've noticed a surge in the number of simple, oft-asked questions getting answers from relatively high-rep users (generally over the "...
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How can we improve the c# tag to properly clean up of duplicate questions?

This is a very common scenario in the c# tag: Someone posts a rather simple question, it quickly gets one or two answers (usually very brief answers) that just “show the code” without explaining much....
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Answering dupe questions--how to reduce the noise?

Similar to Should there be a deterrent for answering obvious duplicate questions? Prompted by JS 2 decimals after coma As an often-asked question (regarding both FP and JS formatting) which still ...
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Handling the answers of Duplicates

This got me thinking. There are problems with the way answers to duplicate questions are handled currently. Low quality There are far too many of these: See [here](dup) You can foo the bar. More info ...
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Award some points for marking question as a duplicate [duplicate]

Currently there is no intensive for marking a duplicate question as a duplicate. I mean the following: You see a question which is a clear duplicate of another* and now you have two possible ways to ...
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How did this question get so many views? [duplicate]

Okay, I admit it. I am at least partly motivated here by a basic annoyance that a question that is so obviously a duplicate has been jumped on by so many users and (IMHO inappropriately) upvoted, ...
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Is it my duty to check for duplicate questions before answering?

Today the two following questions came to my mind: Is it a user's duty to check whether a question is a duplicate before posting an answer? Are answers to duplicate questions inappropriate / warrant ...
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Answering "borderline duplicate" questions

In this 2009 blog article, Jeff Atwood wrote : As we get more and more questions in Stack Overflow, the issue of duplicate questions becomes more pressing. The odds of any question being a duplicate, ...
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